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The confusing badminton split step

When should you split step?
In what direction should you split step?
How high should you jump?
The split step challenge
Do you want to take the Split -Step challenge

I’ve heard all these and more questions from people trying to understand the badminton split step.

They are all important, but I’m not sure if there are proven answers to them all.  Proven by real game examples and arguments.

It certainly is a key factor in movement and starting to move.  So important that how it’s introduced and practiced is probably the most important factor (question)!

I haven’t read or watched any explanations that truly give advice to coaches concerning these questions AND also advise how to introduce and practice.

Is that because there are very few absolute truths and far too much myth and personal opinion?

My beliefs
you decide if they are truths or myths
  • The split-step when used is an anticipatory movement – it starts before you know what shot the opponent will play.
  • Split into a stance that prepares you to move in a direction you think is the most likely or one that you have decided upon
  • It is wrong to assume that the split will always be in the direction eventually moved. What do you see when you watch this great Tai Tzu Ying video?
  • The height of the movement is not critical (it will vary from player to player and as they develop), the timing and the stance taken is critical
  • Sometimes you won’t split at all – generally when you have limited time or the movement is continuous
  • The timing of the movement is often done without (or limited) conscious thought
  • My request to all coaches is that you don’t coach the split in the same way as other movements
    • Don’t specifically talk about it, talk about ‘Stances’ instead
    • Don’t set practices that specifically target it, however, have it used in nearly all movement practices
  • Practice with a Certainty of Stances and Uncertainty of opponent shot choice
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As always, I’m very grateful if you have read this far 🙂

I’d love to hear your views about the badminton split step.

Is it as easy to introduce and practice as you first thought?

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