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Badminton return of serve errors

2E’s – service return errors in singles

Badminton return of serve errorsReturning serve is an art and a special situation in a match.  Especially in singles, it could be argued that it’s difficult (but still possible) for the server to create an opportunity for the opponent to make an error in the return.

Yet in singles in most levels of play, we see returns going into the net, out the side or back.

Where is this ‘stress’ coming from and how can it be managed?

Certainly, in doubles the serve can place stress on the receiver as it’s tight to the net and the space to return into is very small compared to a singles match.  However, in singles is it ‘easier;’ to play a safe return?

A recent conversation with a coach of HP junior players highlighted the fact that they felt their players made too many ‘simple’ errors when returning service.  Not only were these often game-changing errors (when the score was at a crucial stage) but also they often appeared in mini-groups. Two return errors in a row.

I started thinking about

  • How do we educate players on the importance and art of returning serves in a singles match?
  • Why do we often see return of service errors in small clusters at crucial stages of a match?
  • What could players be thinking about when preparing to receive serve?
  • What aspects need to be included in practice to help players improve their performance when returning serve, tips and strategies.
  • Are coaches addressing this skill and if so how?
  • Are 2E’s recognised by coaches and in coach education environments?
  • This post below may give you more ideas to think about and try out
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