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Software to analyse a badminton match

What software is available to analyse a badminton match?
Here are 2 systems that are currently being used

I met with a coach who asked about using software to analyse matches.  I only know of 2 digital systems, although I guess there are more out there.

Badminton match analyse

Some UK organisations (not just in Badminton) use Analysispro (NacSport) software, have you any experience with this?

I’d be happy to post a guest article by you that could help others understand how you use the software and the useable outputs that you get.

Click on this image, find out more and also watch their comprehensive training webinars on how to build and use this game analysis programme.


The other system that I’ve been keeping an eye on is Clutch.

Badminton match analyseNot yet released, Clutch uses AI to turn your device into your own virtual badminton coach.  It will record your match and get real-time performance feedback and automated video highlights.

This could be a game-changing piece of software and could revolutionise badminton coaching

Did you know that it’s already supplying some game stats to the BWF in their live game commentaries?

Click on this image and sign up so that you get early notification of its release.

Its CEO & Co-Founder is Kari Gunnarsson an Olypian Badminton player from Iceland.

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