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I want more from Badminton YouTube videos

Are you satisfied with all the Badminton YouTube videos you watch
Some offer the things I want, but many don’t
This is a selfish look at the things I want from Badminton Videos

Badminton YouTube videosIt is a follow up to the post – The problem with badminton YouTube videos.  In that post I take an in-depth look at the issues and try to offer some alternatives.

The comments are based selfishly on my wants, maybe they are not the same as yours.  If they are different, please let me know what you think about the content of most Badminton YouTube videos.

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Too many offer interesting information,
only a few offer effective practical advice
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What I wished they offered
Badminton Youtube videos
  1. How to practice examples, especially the key points in each practice and which are the most effective practice methods.  Also what other methods and practice types you could use?
  2. A reality check of the difficulty of their recommendations – not everything is as easy as ‘listen to this then you will improve
  3. Advice for when things don’t work even after following their recommendations there is no guarantee what to do.  Maybe some hints and tips for when nothing appears to work.
  4. Proven and effective coaching cues, tips and suggestions that give you different ideas for improvement.  Not everything needs to sound ‘technical’  🙂
  5. Where to start – recommendation for what is effective at various levels of performance as not everyone is starting at the same point.  Advice such as ‘if you can already do this, then try ……
  6. ‘Do this before doing that’ – a list of elements that need to be in place to help with development.  Are there certain techniques or thoughts that are mastered (even partly) that will aid in the development of something more complex?
  7. Warnings in believing that ‘understanding’ is the key to progress – if ‘just knowing information was the key, then everyone would be a master and have perfect execution and skill.  Advice about what is an effective practice, and how to use different forms of repetition within a challenging bandwidth is more likely to help you than just ‘knowing information’.
  8. What we can learn from World class players – There are things that these players do that are to everyone’s game.  It’s not just the technical things but the physiological aspects that would be interesting to know.  What are they and how tough is it when compared to how easy it looks?
Do you agree with my thoughts?
Talk with a friend a find out what they think
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There is hope

It is possible to use these videos to improve as a player and as a coach.

However, there aren’t many quick fixes to learning, improving and gaining deep knowledge.  Of course, there are some things that you can watch and then you realise that they apply to you right now.  I hope that you find some.

I wonder how tough it is to create a ‘perfect’ badminton video, one that helps everyone at whatever they are.  Could you do that?

It may be much more difficult than you realise.  The really good videos (like those below) take many hours to produce.  Much of the time it’s the planning stage that is the longest and most important.  A 10 min Youtube video may take as much as 15-20 hours from start to finish to produce!

The 3 linked below all offer advice that includes many of the points above.  If you leave a comment they often get back to you.

Plus all 3 address those tricky topics of why you don’t always improve as quickly as you want to!

If you are a badminton YouTuber do you agree with my thoughts?
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The websites I like

Of course, there are some very good badminton YouTube videos.  My favourite is from the people at Badminton Insight, TheBadmintonFamily and TobiasWadenkaExpert Badminton Advice

They all certainly do provide plenty of great advice, so study them hard and you will find value in their content.  I certainly do 🙂

However, occasionally they may create content that you find confusing, polarising or disagree with, trust me it’s not very often.  If you do why not put a comment on the video or direct message them?  I’ve done that and they do get back to you.

This is what separates them from most offers – they care deeply about their content.

Badminton YouTube videos

My favourite 5 Badminton Insight videos for Players

My favourite Badminton Insight videos for Coaches

More good content
Badminton family
YouTube homepage
Toboias Wadenka
YouTube homepage
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Badminton Coaching Tips
Recent courtside conversations

As always, I’m very grateful if you have read this far 🙂

Do you agree with all the points above?  What would be the content of your ideal Badminton YouTube provider?

It would be great to hear what conversations you and your friends have.

Why not send me an email  contact@badmintonandy.com

This is part of a series of conversation starters. 

Although not in detail, the posts are written to get you thinking and talking with others.

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