Monday, April 22, 2024
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The advice I wish I’d known sooner as a Badminton Coach


Badminton Coaching Tips

I want you to benefit from the things I've learned from some great Badminton coaches who have given me tips, hints, and advice.
If you want to know why I value their advice and the background to the idea click here
They are all short reads, about 3 - 5 mins
I guarantee that they all work
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21. Have conversations & thoughts

20. Be careful changing techniques

19. Which technique to coach

18. The Importance of Stances

17. The never ending search for consistency

16. Think about who is listening

15. Watch your players in competition

14. Not everyone likes Questions

13. It’s how you react to errors that is important

12. Prepare to cover the shuttle that will ….?

11. Do not rely on Coach Education to improve you

10. Cross court backhand drops are just a ...

9. There is more than one way to coach the same thing

8. Knowing that Saturation exists

7. Develop a long backhand before a clear

6. Coach the player (not the technique!)

5. Coaching to ‘Forget’

4. How to make practice harder

3. The difference between a long smash & a clear at U12

2. Motivation is the most important factor in learning

1. Start overhead coaching in the round the head court

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