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Advice to improve your badminton

Welcome to my store of badminton advice for all parts of this great game, on and off the court.  Check out all the posts so far, they are ranked by popularity.  My aim is to help you by providing information and thought provoking ideas.

My favourite Badminton Insight videos for Players

Calling all badminton players - have you watched these

Expert Badminton AdviceIf you are a player and looking for great badminton tips and advice, start here.  I'm sure you will find something of interest.... read more

Amazing stats of over 35 million views and more than 315,000 subscribers.

They talk to players at all levels about what it takes to improve and develop your game.  The technical content is detailed, simple to understand, and highly effective, plus there are plenty of fun moments, insights and new challenges for you to try

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Badminton low serve return6 Ways to improve your return of a singles low serve

Badminton Jump Smash

6 Ways to improve your jump smash