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6 Ways to use stances in your badminton movement

Stances are sometimes difficult to see but when you realise that they exist you see them everywhere 🙂

Using these 4 preparation stances will help your singles movement and they are easy to master.  It’s all about the tactical choices you make before your opponent strikes the shuttle ... read more

1.  What do the stances look like?
2.  Why use them?
3.  Names and descriptions
4.  When they are used?
5.  Its all about your tactical thoughts
6.  How to develop them in practice

Badminton Stances – what do you see?

What do you see when you watch this great Tai Tzu Ying video?

Here are 7 questions for you to try .. read more

1.  How many different stances can you see?
2.  Can you identify and name them?
3.  Which part of the court do the stances happen?
4.  How often is the split in the direction she eventually moves?
5.  How many movements do not use preparatory stances?
6.  How many shots do you think are in the rally?
7.  What is the total distance covered by Tai Tzu Ying?

I've included my thoughts at  the end for you to download

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