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Practice or Play Badminton

Do you prefer to practice or play when given a choice?
Coaches – what do your players prefer?

A coach once told me that when they were a player that they loved to play.  Yes practice was also great, ‘but why practice when you could play‘, they said

Then they reflected a little and said – “surely the reason we practice IS to play”

However, they were concerned that too many players preferred to practice

Practice or Play
The conversation continued and they outlined these thoughts and worries
Their opinion
  • Too many 15 – 19 yr old players don’t seem motivated to want to play competitive matches in practice
  • Maybe the style of coaching over the last 15 yrs has moved towards coach-led practice with less competitive practice matches
  • Could it be that it’s difficult to fail (lose) in practice
  • Has Practice become a ‘mastery of technique’ rather than learning how to win/compete
  • The desire to want to outwit players (especially practice partners) has lessened.  Is it acceptable to want to beat everyone you train with 🙂
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Practice or Play
The 8 pillars of effective Badminton Practice
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