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The Split Step Challenge

Are you willing to take the challenge?
Will you agree with my views about the Badminton Split Step
These questions will help you to improve your coaching of ‘Starting Skills’,
the Badminton Split Step
I think the hardest Question is No. 4
No. 5 may be the most impactful on your coaching
It would be great to start a discussion with you.
Send me an email with any thoughts you have and I’ll send you mine
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Q1   Is the split-step an anticipatory or reflective movement?

  • It’s an either-or but the difference is huge

Q2   In which direction would a person generally split-step?

  • Can you create a one sentence that covers nearly all possibilities?

Q3   What initiates the timing of the movement?

  • what factors influence the timing – the aspect that are seen or known by the player

Q4   What other court movements should the split-step be linked (very closely) with?

  • could other movements be easily combined and closely linked with all split steps

Q5   What are the important elements a coach should include in a practice that introduces & develops the movement

  • what would you include in every (nearly all) practice situations? – the critical components of the practice.
  • can you state 3 – 5 points that you firmly believe need to be included? – some will be visible to courtside observers some not.
  • how much do you tell, and how do you instruct? – or, could you coach without saying much but allowing the practice to develop those essential elements you’ve listed.
Badminton split step

Q6   Have these questions/discussions changed your view of coaching the split step and if so by how much?

  • Are there any aspects that surprised you or changed your thinking
  • Did your answers solidify or change your beliefs?
Badminton Coaching Tips
click to play
What did you see in this short video?
  • what split potions did she perform?
  • was it in the ‘correct’ direction to the shuttle that was eventually returned by her opponent?
  • Is it possible to always split into a stance is correct for the eventual movement?

Split StepIf you would like to read my responses click this image

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