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What Badminton stroke to teach first

What stroke would you coach first – to a complete beginner
This question comes up very often

In BWF Coach Education – It’s part of the badminton coaching courses at all levels, an answer is required

Asked of Officials – It’s a common question asked of a development officer – often an answer is given

Coach to Coach – I’ve heard it mentioned between coaches – in this situation, I often heard entrenched thoughts, disagreement or no reply at all

IBadminton stroke to teach firstt’s been asked recently on the BWFL3 coaching course.  Each candidate was given an opportunity to reply, and then they were questioned on why and asked to justify their reply.

It is similar on the BWL1 course where candidates are asked to not only identify and justify an initial stroke(s) but to also arrange all strokes into a development order, an answer is required.

How would you reply and what would be your justification ????
I’ve heard these replies
  • Start with the overhead as it’s an important skill.  Even if they miss or can’t initially control the stroke it doesn’t matter.
  • Start with backhand net shots as the practice is more controllable than others and the coach can feed for the player.
  • Start with below shoulder strokes and maybe even without a net.
  • Ensure they hit lots of shuttles, the actual stroke is unimportant, aim to try to ensure that they want to come back to the next session (motivation is key).
  • Start with footwork using shadow movements, strokes can come later

Which of the above statements do you agree with and which is closest to your belief?

Did you find some of them contradictory, I did when I gathered together some of the replies I’d heard over the years.

I agree with two of them, I’m undecided about two and I disagree with one.

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As always, I’m very grateful if you have read this far 🙂

I’d love to hear your views about which badminton backhand defensive footwork you coach.  What are the positive benefits of each technique?

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