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Badminton Multi-shuttle for physical development

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Do you think Multi-shuttle is useful for developing-

Badminton multi shuttle

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Including your thoughts will make a difference and possibly influence future coach education material

The survey will ask –
  • How you plan your multi sessions
  • If you use HR monitors
  • Why you like or don’t like using multi for physical development
  • What more information should be provided to help coaches create effective programmes
The survey will never close, so add your thoughts whenever you read this 🙂
Why is the survey needed?
BWF Level 1
extract from the BWFL1 manual

I’ve always been interested in what motivates coaches to practice in the way they do. This includes all types of practice methodologies, not just multi-shuttle.

My motivation came from the lack of information in Badminton Coaching Manuals. There is a sparse amount of information from organisations such as the BWF, Badminton Europe, and Badminton England.

After looking through the BWF manuals only the Level 1 has any information to help coaches regarding multi-feeding.

Within the Level 1 manual, only 2 pages (nos. 35 & 38) out of 240 pages make reference.

That is less than 1% about a topic that dominates your badminton newsfeeds.

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Please take this opportunity and contribute your thoughts
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Badminton multi shuttle
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As always, I’m very grateful if you have read this far and if you have followed the links above to all the multi-shuttle surveys  🙂

I’d love to hear your views about how you see multi-shuttle in your badminton training sessions.

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