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What would you analyse from a match
I had a discussion with some coaches

Knowing how to analyse a badminton match is very important if you are to improve your game.  After chatting about the different digital systems you could use to analyse a match, I had these thoughts.

What do you think about these ideas and would you add any  🙂Knowing how to analyse a badminton match is very important if you are to improve your game. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

  • Having the information is valuable but knowing what to do with it is essential – maybe obvious!
  • Just knowing the numbers of Winner/Errors is not going to help, it’s interesting but is it really useable in that simple format?
  • What are the questions coaches should ask of analysis? – how many do you have
  • Which match data points provide effective information when designing practice interventions or progressions?
  • Coaches need to be careful of asking questions just for the sake of interest without application, questions that sound valuable but maybe don’t produce usable insights.
  • The process of designing practices that use match data may be much tougher than we realise
  • How often is match analyse used to confirm practice improvements – or is the bias often towards negative findings?
  • Is analysis often slanted towards negative aspects rather than positive outcome?
  • Knowing what your opponents are doing is as important as looking at yourself (your players) – do you have this balance right?
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How To Analyse A Badminton Match – including a free template
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I’d love to hear your views about which badminton backhand defensive footwork you coach.  What are the positive benefits of each technique?

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