Monday, April 22, 2024

Guest Posts

Do you have thoughts to share? 

If you want to contribute and feel you have something to share or say, you are welcome to contact me and have your thoughts posted.  I would really like to hear from coaches, players and parents, email me at


Remote Coaching

Practical advice on coaching from a distance & how to encourage player autonomy. By Ben Caldwell


I would like to invite you to post something about the art of coaching, the methods you know that work, the advice all players need to know about.  You don't have to commit to a series of post, one would be fantastic.

It's your opportunity to connect with others and share your experiences and thoughts.

If you have ever been given advice that made a real impact on your coaching or that resolved along-standing problem, then why not share it.

Can you remember the frustrating moments whilst trying to help someone improve, then the relief after trying out a suggestion?  These are the aspects that have inspired me to start this site.  Join me in helping others.

If you are a new coach just starting out and want to share your story please do.  Why not describe your feelings, and share the methods of how you are developing your skills?

Ask for a mentor, you never know who may be reading 🙂


This is your chance to let others know about something that you have to say.  It could be advice to other players just starting off.  It could be a recent lesson you have just learned.

Age and experience are certainly not barriers to passing on tips and thoughts.  I have met many teenagers who could be described as "wise beyond their years".  They often thought of themselves as normal players and yet when asked to assist or talk to younger players they always added value to the players and sessions.

If you need help with a school project this could be your opportunity to ask all the other readers for ideas

Share your views on what you expect from coaches.  Explain how your parents have shaped you as a sports person and helped with the highs and lows.


I think it is important to have a place where parents can talk about their expectations and the journey they are on.

I am a father and I have sat behind many courts both during practice and tournaments.

Every year I learned something new, often thinking "I wish someone had told me that".

If you want to share your feelings, questions or just offer advice to others then please go that next step and contact me.

I would really like to work with you.


Hong Kong Adventures

John Noble took his family to Hong Kong to experience a week of Badminton training.  Read all about the experience.

Take this opportunity to share something. Email me  and have your thoughts posted here.