Thursday, June 20, 2024
6 Ways ToTeaching Methods

What is 6 Ways

A simple way to solve your Badminton problems and give you the advice you need
Everyone has Badminton Questions!
How do you go about solving yours?

I believe that Badminton Coaches, Parents, and Players should all be asking questions.  Especially those where you don’t know all the answers.  Yes, you may know something about the subject but you know that you want to know more.

No individual has all the answers.  So please don’t let the fear of ‘not knowing’ cause you to shy away from thinking about subjects that you wish you knew more about.  It’s surprising the amount of knowledge that can be developed just by asking a question.
I found that this “6 Ways” was a simple way of encouraging myself to think about topics without fear of having to know all or some of the answers.  It started off as a ‘mind dump’, allowing random thoughts to be expressed then gathered together to form short informative notes and advice to myself, my players, fellow coaches, and parents.
I set out to think of topics connected to the sport of badminton (specifically and broadly) and also asked coaching friends and players for their questions Surprising, some of the more interesting topics came from the parents of young players who receive regular coaching.
What is it
‘6 Ways to …. ‘ sets out to give 6 useful tips and advice on a variety of subjects and topics.  It’s not trying to be a game changer just yet another small improvement idea along the thousand step journey for you.  Far too many clichés there, sorry!
6 waysIt has several strands
  • it makes you think and consider the questions in bite size parts
  • it allows the creation of titles (questions) without the pressure to know some or any of the answers
  • it can give you actionable information
  • it provides simple information for players/parents / coaches to read
  • it provides talking points over coffee with friends on or off the court
What has it done for me?
6 waysBy having to break down all the questions into 6 useful tips and advice, it has satisfied and developed my
  • Curiosity and inquisitiveness (my desire for continuous learning and self-improvement)
  • Lateral thinking (encouraging different ways to approach situations & problems I need to solve)
  • Openness to ideas (being receptive to other people’s views and concepts)
  • Exploration (being open to ‘go with the flow’ with no set outcomes and solutions)
  • Challenge me and others (in a safe environment where we can feel comfortable to open up)
I hope you find some topics that you like.  Discover others that you had never thought about.  Then find that you are motivated to add to or create your own “6 Ways to ..”
Do you want a challenge?   

Why not try this in your coaching group.  Or, if you are a parent why not use your balcony time to create questions and then maybe try to gather some thoughts.

  Start by thinking of questions and  subjects related to badminton / coaching / development then create 6 key bits of advice
The key points are…
  1.  Challenge yourself and your friends to contribute questions
  2.  Don’t limit your thinking
  3.  Think of areas that you want information  


Send me your list or your initial thoughts and I’ll add to them if I can

Start now and see what you can create


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