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My favourite badminton YouTube channel

Badminton Insight is my favourite 🙂
If you are looking for a great badminton resource, start here

badminton YouTubeHave you watched the great videos from badminton insight, you should.  It could be the best badminton YouTube out there.

I’m always recommending to coaches, players and parents to subscribe.  If you are looking for a great badminton resource, you will find some great information there.

Jenny and Greg release a new video every Sunday.  So far they have not missed a week and are now over 126 videos.  Starting in April 2020 their first video they a massive 19 million views and 195,000 subscribers.

Why you should watch
  • The information is varied, always interesting and exactly what badminton fans need to hear
  • The technical content is simple to understand and highly effective
  • They talk to players at all levels about what it takes to improve and develop your game
  • There are plenty of fun moments, insights and new challenges for you to try
Badminton Coaching Tips
My favourite videos

The Late Backhand a step-by-step tutorial – 703,000 views

All the technical information that you will ever need

Spin Serve Tutorial, tips from a professional player – 309,000 views

How to deliver an awesome spin doubles serve!!

Net game match with Kento Momota – 201,000 views

Can Greg beat Kento Momota in a net spin match 🙂

The Sweetspot + Accuracy Challenge! – 182,000 views

Greg shows you some ridiculous challenges to try!

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Do you want more?

My favourite 5 Badminton Insight videos for Players

My favourite Badminton Insight videos for Coaches

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Badminton Coaching Tips
More courtside conversations

As always, I’m very grateful if you have read this far 🙂

I’d love to hear your views about which badminton youtube channel is your favourite,  let me know 🙂

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