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Receiving a badminton singles low serve – which face

Which racket face is best & does it matter?
Have you listened to this episode of ‘The Badminton Experience’
Steen Pedersen debates with Anders Antonsen & HKV !

There was a very interesting little section towards the end that I would like to share

They were discussing future improvements in men’s singles

The topic of receiving low serve came up, Steen said ….

“I see lots of people return low serves with the forehand (racket face) and I hate it, I truly hate it”


Steen Pedersen badminton


Anders Antonsen, Steen and Hans-Kristian Vittinghus have a lively very interesting debate

He says more in this short discussion. If you want, stop here and go and listen, then come back to consider the ideas below.

Steen suggested
  • Receiving a badminton singles low serveThere are more opportunities for disguise and deception when using the BH face
  • You don’t necessarily need to spin the return
  • More players should consider how they wish to receive, as in his opinion there was an advantage to be gained
  • That in the past Taufik Hidayat changed where he low served to when playing Peter Gade to nullify PG’s great backhand net returns
Anders Antonsen asked

“What can you do with the Backhand return that you can’t do with the Forehand?”

Receiving a badminton singles low serve AA

Coaches & Players
  • Do you practice the art of receiving a badminton singles low serve
  • What are the considerations for returning and serving in singles?
  • Do you engage with your players in these discussions – you should in my opinion
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Does the racket face really matter?

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