Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Bouncing shuttles

Use ‘Bouncing Shuttles’ when working with young beginner players
It offers far more than just hitting shuttles

I was talking to a coach who asked what early practices/tasks/challenges they could do with very young players.  Something that would not only keep them busy but also start developing traits that would help future development and coaching.

I recommended that they try ‘Bouncing Shuttles’, especially as it was much more than just bouncing shuttles

During our conversation, we agreed that …
  • It is an opportunity to develop some early technical skills – you decide which ones 🙂
  • Importantly it introduces players to tasks, and challenges and allows them to appreciate the success and failures of development
  • It also challenges the coach to set simple, yet progressive practices without the need for complex instructions
  • Its not appreciated nearly enough by coaches of young players
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We both liked that…
  • Demonstration by better players (or maybe the coach) is the primary way of setting practice tasks
  • Coaches can use questioning to encourage players to define some of the tasks or the technical elements themselves
  • Motivation is a priority in this session, oh and also enjoyment mixed with the challenge (success & struggle)
  • Coaches should both use errors/successes (errorful/errorless) practices equally in their coaching
  • Using player recollection is preferable to coach direct instruction- ask players what  they did last time and what worked or didn’t
If you want to read more and download 17 bouncing practices click here.
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As always, I’m very grateful if you have read this far 🙂

I’d love to hear your views about if and how you would use this idea.  Is there any value to bouncing shuttles?

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