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Who should start a badminton practice?

How often do you ask the player to start the practice?
Why is it always the coach who hits the first feed?
Try this now!  🙂
There is a huge benefit to be gained by the player striking the first stroke of a badminton practice

I recommend that you try it out and explore what happens.  The change is subtle to your badminton practice, but the effect on the practice is huge and will open up many opportunities.

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Initially, you may find it confusing, the practice may seem messy or chaotic at times, or you may long for the control of feeding.

When I first watched a coach working like this (in a 1-2-1 lesson) I didn’t understand what was happening.  Actually, I was very confused and thought that there were more concerns than benefits.

After a while, I realised that I was completely wrong.

The starting positions replicate body positions used within a match, in a rally.  They are not serving situations, although there are some similarities.

What happens   🙂
  • The link to a game-like a rally is stronger and closer to actually what happens in the middle of a real rally
  • There are numerous ways for the player to start – defensive block, right for or left foot forward, different court locations
  • The split/pretension preparation movement happens in every rally often without conscious thought
  • There will be more options/ variations for the feeder – lots more
  • It reduces the amount of hand feeding – allows for racket skills to develop for both players
  • Players start each rally with an intention rather than just reacting to the feeder – physiological preparation practice is vital
  • The variation of different starting stances (positions) creates small but essential variations within the practice – the most important aspect 🙂 

Badminton Stances


Badminton Stances

I include these ‘player starts’ in every session and especially in individual lessons
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As always, I’m very grateful if you have read this far 🙂

Please give it a try and let the player start rather than the feeder.  Then let me know what you both experienced.

It may change your badminton practice ideas forever.

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