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multi shuttle

6 Ways to improve your multi-shuttle practice

What are the elements you need for a great multi shuttle practice?

Have you thought about how to use a multi shuttle so that it really helps you or your players to improve ... read more

1. Decide why you are using it
2. Measure itโ€™s success or failure
3. Learn how to feed and to be a great feeder
4. Plan your session to maximise your effectiveness
5. Imagine, visualising, thinking
6. Consider alternatives


multi shuttle survey part 1

The big multi-shuttle survey

This mini-series of posts is all about the usefulness of multi-shuttle.ย ย My aim is to gather information from coaches like you about how you use multi shuttle practices.

I hope that you enjoy the questions and the thoughts they may provoke.... take the survey

When 100 people have replies I'll publish the results and send everyone a copy ๐Ÿ™‚


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