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Thank you to all those who have provided these words

I hope that they give you an insight into my philosophy and passion, scroll down to the bottom to see if you recognise anyone.


I had a question and reached out to Andy

I recently had a very specific technical query that i wanted reassurance with. Andy gave me some very useful information which helps me greatly and reassured my doubts.

I’d previously met Andy a long time back at a tournament in Barcelona.

It was great to be able to reach out even after around 10 years; he is a very approachable and knowledgeable coach.



Badminton Coach & Player

Andy is highly skilled at stimulating critical thinking in others

I met Andy 10 years ago, and from the first day, I was impressed by his ability to make you think.

This year, we had the opportunity to invite him to conduct some training sessions for Level 2 coaches organized by the Catalan Badminton Federation. His contribution has been highly valuable to the students due to his reflective approach to learning and teaching.

Andy is highly skilled at stimulating critical thinking in others when it comes to teaching sports.

He has the ability to challenge preconceived ideas and foster creativity in teaching badminton, making him an invaluable resource for those seeking to improve their coaching skills.


Eduard Mateos Vidal

Administrator Catalan Badminton Federation
Sanidhya Bandooni MSc - BWF Coach

He brings a fresh perspective and expands my thinking in ways I hadn’t considered before

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Andy during a BWF Level course in Wales.  From the moment we connected, I was struck by Mr Andy’s exceptional critical thinking abilities, particularly when it comes to discussing badminton.

Every conversation with him brings a fresh perspective and expands my thinking in ways I hadn’t considered before.

His website is an invaluable resource for coaching. It provides a wealth of information that is and will be immensely helpful in my coaching journey.  Our discussions about badminton, coaching careers, and the lives of players have been enlightening, and I have complete trust in the advice he offers.

I highly recommend that all coaches take the time to read the posts on Andy’s website and carefully consider the advice provided.  It consistently surprises and enlightens, offering new information and fresh perspectives.

Moreover, I appreciate that Mr Andy is not just a friend but also a mentor who is always available to guide and support me.

I am grateful for his presence in my life and cherish our friendship.


Sanidhya Bandooni

BWF Coach, former international Indian junior/senior men’s doubles badminton player, MSc in Sport Performance
Josh de Cruz - BWF Coach

His way of coaching discourages spoonfeeding & instead encourages intuitive problem-solving

I met Andy during a BWF Level 1 coaching course in South Wales.  From the get-go, Andy was happy to share his vast experience of coaching knowledge.

Andy’s advice was really useful for me whilst completing the coaching course.  In particular, he helped me develop ways to progress routines and practices to challenge and engage players.

This is because Andy is a creative coach, and encourages others to be creative as well.  Often, I would ask him a question and he would reply with a question back, to challenge and develop my way of thinking.  His way of coaching discourages spoonfeeding and instead encourages intuitive problem-solving.

Andy hadn’t just been helping me pass a course.  He has helped me become a better coach overall in the short time I have known him, and I will continue to use his website and advice throughout my journey as a coach.


Josh de Cruz

BWFL1 Coach
Péter Rusvai - BWF Coach & Tutor

He doesn’t easily give answers – he makes you think

I met Andy in a BWF tutor course in Kyjev Ukraine many years ago.  He has a knowledge a very deep knowledge of badminton and coaching.

When you speak with him he is asking questions so you can self-reflect, I really like that. His questioning and observing skills are fantastic.

However, he doesn’t easily give answers he somehow makes you come up with your own answers, again something I really like.

When I look at Andys’ website, it is different from most badminton-related websites.  For coaches, it doesn’t say that you should do this or that.

It does much more as it raises awareness of the most important coaching fact: when, how and why you do what you do.

I am always happy to have a conversation with him



Péter Rusvai

BWFL1 Tutor - Hungry
Richard Morrissey - Coach / Badminton England Tutor

Badminton Andy? – Badminton Handy more like!

I have used Andy’s website for a number of years in order to further my own knowledge and ideas as a Badminton coach, and over the last couple of years.

I have been fortunate enough to get to know Andy in both a professional and social setting.  He has massively helped me to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the game, introducing me to different ideas and focus areas on court, and helped me to challenge my own coaching philosophy and approaches to my coaching style.

His ideas around coach education and tutoring are also innovative and based on scientific research, and have the potential to vastly improve the quality of these Badminton in Britain and further afield.

Despite his vast experience, he is also open to other ideas and views which is a huge credit to him and his own willingness to further both himself and the sport.

Andy is always fascinating to talk to regarding any aspect of Badminton and open to any topics and ideas suggested.

If we had more people with his passion for the sport, Badminton would be in a much healthier place!


Richard Morrissey

Professional Coach, Badminton England Tutor
Josh Hart - Professional Badminton Coach Wales

Andy has a true passion for the game and is someone who has my respect


I met Andy as a tutor on the BWF level 1 coaching course in North Wales.  As a tutor Andy was enthusiastic and engaging whilst delivering the course and even during breaks.

Throughout the course and even after completion, Andy remains in contact as a source of knowledge, experience and support.  He is always keen to discuss alternative opinions with a real desire to truly comprehend your views and thoughts views before expressing his own and eventually coming to a mutual conclusion.

All in all, I have not met many who can talk about badminton as much and for as long as myself, however, Andy is certainly on par.

He has a true passion for the game and is someone who certainly has my respect.


Josh Hart

Professional Coach - Wales
Sara Shahhosseini - Coach & BWF Umpire

The advice is different to that taught in coach education courses

Andy is a friend

I’ve known Andy for many years since we first met in Spain where I was a full-time coach.

His website is a great source of information that helps you with coaching. We’ve had many conversations about badminton, coaching and life. I trust his advice.

I recommend that all coaches take time to read the posts on the website and think about the advice offered.

It’s often different from what you read or are taught in coach education courses.

Whenever I need a fresh point of view I know Andy will be there to help with a smile.


Sara Shahhosseini

Coach & BWF Umpire
Badminton Sweden

His passion for the sport is evident in everything he writes

I had the pleasure of meeting Andy for the first time 2018 on a BWF tutors course

Andy strikes me as a very insightful person and I appreciate his thought-provoking approach to coaching since it makes you reflect on your own coaching style

He has a great way of explaining things and his passion for the sport is evident in everything he writes

I would highly recommend his website to anyone who wants to learn more about badminton or coaching in general



Hannes Andersson

Part-time head coach at the national sports university in Umeå, Head of coach education at the Swedish badminton federation 

If you are not sure about what to get for Christmas, ask for an Andy!

His proactivity and willingness to help are indescribable.

Meeting Andy has been such a great discovery.  I’ve had deep discussions that have pushed my brain to think out of the box and find a solution to my concerns.

Badminton enthusiastic, from the top to the bottom!

Thank you Andy


Mari Carmen Casermeiro

Development & HP Officer - Badminton Europe

He challenges you to think deeply about what you do

Andy is a great source of knowledge of all aspects of badminton.  His passion for the development of the sport is shown through his ability to critically question the way things are done, always looking for a more effective solution or outcome to any problem, while ensuring that you think deeply about why you do certain things the way you do.

His website and articles are a great tool for coaches/players to think about and analyse their knowledge. Andy is always keen to discuss any topics, courses or ideas related to badminton.

He is an encyclopaedia of badminton, built from years of coaching, tutoring and discussing badminton with fellow enthusiasts around the world.


Matthew Haynes

Head Coach & Technical Director, Badminton Malta
Chris Egan

He has a socratic style and willingness to consider questions

Andy led the delivery of a BWF Level 1 coaching course I attended

Throughout the 8 weeks, he provided excellent instruction and feedback on my progress.  His extensive experience, Socratic style and willingness to consider my questions and opinions resulted in an outstanding educational experience.

I have a good level of confidence in my current coaching ability but, perhaps more importantly, appreciate the need to continue developing as a coach – for my own benefit and for those that I coach.


Chris Egan

Badminton Coach & Player
Nishant Kauthekar - Professional Coach, BWFL3 Coach

His ideas and critical thinking make the brain think a lot

I had known Andy since the pandemic when I had my webinar about doubles from start to professional and right after the webinar I received an email from Andy that showed his passion for the sport and enthusiasm for learning new things even after having much knowledge about the sport

His ideas and critical thinking make the brain think a lot about logical reasoning and I highly recommend his website to learn badminton from a different perspective



Nishant Kauthekar

Professional Coach - Sweden

He has transformed the way I think about coaching

Having played for my country and with players from different countries, Andy’s unconventional approach to badminton coaching comes as a breath of fresh air.

It is entirely based on bringing out the talent and skill in an individual rather than following a textbook approach. This sits rather well with most players and brings out the best in them. Andy is a lovely person and approachable. The insight I’ve gained from our interaction has transformed the way I think about the mental and physical aspects of coaching.

I love Andy’s approach to the game and this has helped me guide my students a lot better.

Thank you Andy


Sampada Shetye Bane

Proffessional Badminton Coach & Ex-Player
Jonty Russ

I would highly recommend having a chat with him

Andy is one of those few people who challenges the status quo, he is willing to challenge both who he speaks to and himself.

From any of the conversations with Andy and the pieces he has written, I regularly come out of them with more ideas and questions.

I would highly recommend any coach to read his pieces on his website and if possible having a chat with him, as I am sure this will help you as a coach and learn new ideas.


Jonty Russ

Badminton Coach & Player
Expert Badminton Advice

Andy has offered great advice & encouragement to us

We’ve both known Andy for a long time but the first proper conversation I (Greg) had with him came at the start of lockdown, and boy it was a proper conversation!  We were talking for over 3 hours and it went incredibly quickly, all about badminton of course.

Badminton InsightSince then and since the start of our Badminton Insight YouTube channel he has offered both great advice and encouragement to both of us.  What we like most though is his attention to detail, picking things up that not many others would.  These thought-provoking conversations have only lead to the betterment of us as both players and coaches, something we are constantly aiming for.

We’re sure that his passionate, challenging attitude has an influence on many people he comes into contact with.  It certainly is infectious which is shown by the work he is doing on this website.

Refreshingly no-nonsense, just a lot of detail!  This has no doubt derived from countless hours of conversations, listening and learning, with the sole purpose of improving badminton knowledge around the world.  A common goal we both share!”


Greg and Jenny

Creators of Badminton Insight.

Working with Andy ensures that you aren’t learning from a textbook, you’re learning from his experience

I had the pleasure of being tutored by Andy for my Badminton World Federation Level 1 in 2020

Throughout the course, Andy’s tutoring was professional, insightful and always supportive regardless of experience level.  Every candidate was helped in whatever area they needed.

Badmintonandy.com reflects Andy’s experience and has proved to be an invaluable resource both in passing the assessments necessary for the BWFL1, and as a CPD resource going forwards.

This website encourages the asking of questions, providing an educational space to develop as both a coach and a player.  Andy has a wealth of knowledge developed over years of working with different countries, different governing bodies and different qualification providers – this tends to ensure that you aren’t learning from a textbook, you’re pulling on his experience.

I would highly recommend keeping this website Badmintonandy in mind whenever a coaching question crops up

Don’t forget to visit Badmintonandy’s social media accounts, as they are also very worth following from a CPD point of view


Tasha Cutter

BWFL1 Coach and badminton enthusiast

Go and be inspired by different views, new content and international points of view!

If you are like me and are keen to always learn and like to share an opinion then you will enjoy interacting with like-minded coaches on badmintonandy.com

Let’s be honest, none of us know it all yet we don’t naturally opt to discuss our challenges with fellow coaches.

Not many enjoy being challenged however I personally love it when people are offering another perspective …….this is what badmintonandy.com is all about.

I met Andy a few years back in Leigh at a junior event and we hit it off so well that we discussed all things badminton for most of the day.

Go and be inspired by different views, new content and international points of view!



Jurgen Van Leeuwen

Parent/coach/extreme hobbyist

His willingness to help others has always been a cornerstone of his style

Andy Stewart is a student of the game and continually seeks out more knowledge from all sources

Within his website, he is able to share his knowledge in a clear, concise fashion which is a great asset to every person who reads it, whether junior/senior player, coach or indeed anyone who just loves or has an interest in the game. His willingness to help others has always been a cornerstone of his style.

Andy delivers valuable insights into a wide variety of topics; it is a testament to his commitment to badminton. His passion for badminton is evident to anyone who speaks to him.

Well done Andy and thanks; long may it continue!



Donal OHalloran

Badminton WAles - Pathway Officer
Catherine McCluskey - Coach Developer, BWF Tutor, Badminton Wales Director

Andy has a way of making you think outside the box

Andy is great to work with and is always searching for ways to develop himself, players and coaches.

He is forever asking questions and has a way of making you think outside the box.

The 6 ways section is simple and easy to follow, but always makes you ask is it really that simple?


Catherine McCluskey

Coach Developer and BWF Tutor

Andy has had a great influence on my coaching style and ideology

I have been coached by Andy since I was 12 years old, since that time both as a player and more recently as a coach.

Andy has had a great influence on my coaching style and ideology, particularly when I am coaching at junior level. Andy has brought out a more enthusiastic side of coaching the beginners-intermediate players, giving me many more activities/exercises to utilise, challenging my ways of coaching and thinking.

As a coach who is still learning the trade and focused on improving my skills, I have found Andy extremely helpful. More so of his fast replies and professional way of thinking.

My 3 favourite posts Andy has published have been choosing a badminton University, coaching backwards and 6 Ways to coach a better backhand


Scott Oates

Welsh International and Badminton Coach
Martyn Lewis - HP Badminton Nottingham University, WR Doubles

I recommend that you sign up, have a read – challenge yourself!!  

I have known Andy for over many years (nearly 32yrs) going back to my early playing days as a junior.  He is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and always looking for new ideas and challenges to better himself and others he interacts with.

I always enjoy my chats with Andy.  They make me really think about my views on pretty much all aspects of badminton and the way I think about my playing and coaching, checking and challenging my thought process.

The Badminton Andy website and ‘The 6 ways’ is a great source of thought-provoking challenges to the way you think about your badminton.

Sign up, have a read – challenge yourself!!


Martyn Lewis

Head of Performance Badminton, Nottingham University
Daria Sibiryakova - Professional BWF Coach Ukr

When I have a Question I can always ask Andy

I was a good player who wanted to be a coach when I met Andy on BWF Coach Tutor course.  That Course was in my country in the Ukraine

I had lots of experience as a good player but not so much as a coach, so I am very happy and thankful that I had the chance to meet Andy on that course  🙂

Andy is a very interesting person and coach.  His philosophy does not seem to use a standard number of coaching rules. He provides me with a new philosophy about coaching badminton.  It’s great working with him.  He asks me questions, challenges my thoughts and always provides support.

Andy’s coaching philosophy includes different and creative ways, not the ordinary ways that I’ve seen.  It is Badminton Coaching as an art, a special kind of art and that is very important when we work with kids.

I believe that his way of coaching is the best way for coaches to work.

There is one thing I know, is that if I have a question I can always ask Andy, and get many thoughts and suggestions to think about.


Daria Sibiryakova

Coach & Player

Andy’s always interesting, varied, knowledgeable & supportive

As a semi-retired experienced league/county player working with a wide range of social/league players, I thought I had an in-depth knowledge of badminton playing and club coaching I was so wrong

Andy’s always interesting, varied, knowledgeable and supportive tutoring style of coaching really made the course fly by, whilst enabling me to completely MOT my understanding and delivery of BWF coaching techniques and principals.  The willingness to share and be open in a friendly supportive challenging environment led to lots of on and off-course learning, thinking and reflection.

One important coaching phase I will now use a lot, ‘it depends’!, also getting the players to think for themselves and solve problems really struck a chord with me!

I can’t wait to get on the court and use the wide range of coaching tools in my toolbox that Andy helped us all develop.

A very enjoyable experience!


Dean Clarke

RAF Community Development Officer

Such a great coach with a lovely manner and so helpful

Having met Andy in Dublin this year at the coaches conference for the first time. I found his style of coaching very similar to my own and was very easily able to connect with what he was saying .

I was delighted to find out that he had a web site available on his coaching.  I have watched several of his clips and find them really useful.

He brings lots of new ideas on how to relate coaching, in technical terms to very basic terms for children to understand and follow.

His web site is one of the best that I have found on the internet for badminton.


Michelle Corr

Kerry juvenile coach
Dani Garcia Spain

Andy always has lots of ideas for activities to work on similar skills

Hi, I’m Dani Garcia, a player from Badminton Granollers and coach of the Catalan Federation, working with the technification junior players.

I have also a quite long experience as a teacher, working in a primary school in the last 13 years, and at the University in the last three.

I met Andy, 2014, and since then I admire him.  I like his way of teaching, the vocabulary that he always uses, his body language, his patience, and for sure his passion for Badminton.

I am proud to be his friend on and off the court.

As a PE teacher, Andy’s information has helped me when working with players.  Especially working on their psychological skills, developing their stability, coordination, and use of space on the court.  Andy always has lots of ideas for activities to work on similar skills in many, many different ways.

I always look forward to his visits to work and learn from him.  I try to take as much profit as possible from Andy.  Good badminton players start being good from the beginning, and Andy knows that.

Dani Garcia

Badminton Coach : Granollers Club & Catalan Federation

Its my first go to for inspiration and ideas

Listening to Andy at the Badminton Ireland coaches conferences the past few years I’ve always come away feeling pushed/encouraged to check how I coach, when I coach and what to coach for different situations.

This website is now my first go to for inspiration and ideas I can use for every type of player.

I’ve found it invaluable for coaching 8 year olds holding a racket for the first time to experienced league and academy players.


Simone Higgins

Junior Club Coach and enthusiast
Craig McCourtney - Badminton Ireland Coach Development Manager, BWF Coach/Tutor

It’s unique and invaluable

It’s unique and invaluable, what this website can offer coaches, parents and players.

The content will give you an opportunity to better yourself every day and reach your goals.


Craig McCourtney

Education Manager at Badminton Ireland
Dina Abouzeid Sarinena - BWF Para Coach/Tutor & Professional Coach

My players are always asking when is Andy coming back?

Well, what can I say about coach Andy, he has a passion for Badminton that is hard to describe. So much passion and it spreads to all the people he meets.

He can always find ways to enable players to learn and be successful no matter how new they are to Badminton.  He improves the little things they do and soon these little things all add together for big improvements.  The best thing for me is that it’s very easy to see what he does as its the simple things. However, each child gets a different message, the information they need.

He gives his full attention to whoever he coaches and it’s fantastic to see the look in their eyes as they try things on the court. Another things I like is how he involves the parents in the practice and how fun it is for both mom or dad and kid,its fantastic.

My players are always asking when is Andy coming back?

Dina Abouzeid

Spanish Para Coach, BWF Para Tutor, Just Badminton - Vitoria Spain
Richard Vaughan - CEO Badminton, Olympian, BWF/BEC Director

This website provides some great critical thinking and provides a wealth of knowledge for users

I have worked with Andy on a range of development pathway projects and I have always found his input precise, educated and thoughtful. The results of this have been sustainable, successful projects across Europe and the Middle East.

The website unlocks some of this great critical thinking and provides a wealth of knowledge for users.

Richard Vaughan

Badminton Europe Director - Chair of High Performance. Olympian and European medallist. Ex Badminton & Squad CEO
Ben Caldwell - Professional Coach, BWF Coach / Tutor

Andy gets badminton!

He has been a fantastic source of ideas and support through my coaching career

He is always willing to share his knowledge and experience and talk through any topic big or small.  He is skilled at offering candid unbiased advice on technical development, training philosophy, tactical training, and physical development………… the list is endless.

I have invited him to assist on training camps, conferences, coach education events and assist in daily training and he has always been extremely well received by local coaches and players alike. He has so much passion and dedication to badminton.

The time and energy he puts into helping the players and coaches that he works with is inspiring, and they always want him to visit again.

I am really happy to be able to support Badmintonandy.com

I will be following it with great interest!

Ben Caldwell

Head Coach Hamburg, BWF Coach Education Tutor, former Head Coach Cataluny, U15 National Coach Ireland

He is always ready to help you in any matter

Andy is a real badminton lover

He is always ready to help you in any matter

He is a hard worker and very happy, and this is contagious

Rafael Lucas

Catalan Badminton President
Stewart Carson - Badminton South Africa HP Manager, BWF Coach

You have inspired me once again Andy…thanks

I’ve just received the Conditioned Games free download and I’m looking forward to getting on the court with the South African players tomorrow for a games session.

You have inspired me once again Andy…thanks.  I’ve been struggling with a player in their understanding of Tactics,  I think you’ve helped me crack it.

Stewart Carson

National Coach : South Africa Badminton
Tom Causer - Professional Coach Developer, BWF Expert Coach Tutor

There is a saying – to be a teacher you must be a student

I first knew of Andy 22 years ago through Roger Mills when I was a junior player.

Roger was my coach for 3 years and a support to Andy in his coaching.  Even as a 14 year old, I was aware of Andy’s work in North Wales and 25 years on Andy’s thirst for knowledge and willingness to share is as unique now as it was back then.

To me, this is what makes Andy a great coach (and I have seen him working with other coaches in different contexts) as well as the humbleness to go with it.

There is a saying – to be a teacher you must be a student

Andy is definitely a student of badminton

Tom Causer

Coach Developer, BWF Tutor, Thinker, Motivator
Federació catalana de bàdminton logo Técnico Centro de Tecnificación de Cataluña de Bádminton

I would define Andy as a Badminton Lover

From him I have learned that there are no easy or difficult exercises, everything depends on your way of teaching and educating.  And any exercise can be useful if you know how to use it.

Pau Puig

Head coach of the Catalan Badminton Federation / Technical Staff of the Spanish Federation
Badminton Andy

I am so happy to have crossed paths

I have met Andy for many many years ago when I was only 12 years old.

He has been my coach, but I can also call him friend, as we have shared great times during all these years 🙂

I am so happy to have crossed paths because he has taught me many many things. Not only badminton stuff but also general things in life.

I am looking forward to meeting him soon and have one of our fantastic times chatting around the kitchen table.

Lara Lucas Burgos

Player / Coach

Andy taught me that the language of badminton is universal, he challenged my thinking

I would feel privileged to share my testimonial with you and anyone who might be interested.  I met Andy in Dublin at the Badminton Ireland Coaching Conference and in that short week under his mentorship I was set me on a path to improving Badminton in my country.

Andy’s time, patience and treating me as an equal, even though his years of experience and wisdom far outweighed mine …motivated me and encouraged me to strive to better myself, which in turn, I hope improves players whose paths I cross.

Andy taught me that the language of badminton is universal. He challenged my thinking and reminded me that we can all continuously improve.

David Calvert

National Junior Coach South Africa
Dan Magee - Badminton Ireland

I have no doubt that the site will reflect the challenging nature Andy adopts to provoke and inspire learning

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Andy during or Teicnic badminton camps and at our annual Badminton Ireland Coaches conferences over the past five years.

Andy has an eagerness to constantly develop and expand his thinking with a goal to continually evolve his coaching practice.

The energy and passion Andy has towards our sport is infectious and you will always go away with a new idea or mindset towards the various aspects of the game after spending time in his company.

Andy has a strong attention to detail as he constantly searches for the latest updates across all the key performance factors that make up the complete player. I look forward to seeing what this new venture brings for Andy and I have no doubt that the site will reflect the challenging nature Andy adopts to provoke and inspire learning.

Daniel Magee

Badminton Ireland Performance Director
Badminton Andy

His approach initiates debate and discussion and he is always happy to provide help and support

I have known and worked with Andy for almost 32 years as a player and as a coach.  Andy is a scholar of the game; always looking to improve his understanding of all aspects of our complex and exciting sport, how he communicates more effectively and how he can share his knowledge with others.

His approach initiates debate and discussion and he is always happy to provide help and support where appropriate. This latest adventure can only add to the opportunities for others to learn.

I am sure it will be a great benefit to anyone who joins him along the journey

Lyndon 'Will' Williams

BWF & BE Para-Badminton Consultant

Andy’s no messing approach combined with a lot of patience and calmness has really brought the best out of him

For the past 9 months, my son has had one hour coaching sessions with Andy. Prior to that, he had never held at badminton racket.  For weeks they hardly picked up a racket and still now a lot of the sessions are focused on coordination and balance practice exercises.  I am amazed how this has later proved an excellent base for racket / shuttle coordination and control. Additionally, Andy’s no messing approach combined with a lot of patience and calmness has really brought the best out of him.

When he first started training with Andy he would get cross easily if there was something he couldn’t do however nine months later we never see that kind of attitude from him as his confidence continues to improve and his focus is shifting from negative to positive. I am excited to see where this coaching will take the him and I’m convinced that it’s a huge benefit to them in any sport they may choose to do later in life.

Having said all of this the most important thing to me is that my son absolutely loves it.


Mother of 7 yr old son
Ciarán Chambers - BWF Coach / Tutor & Coach Developer

I feel my views have been challenged in a positive manner

I have been working with Andy over the last 5 years and have found his guidance and advice extremely beneficial to my badminton coaching career.

Every time we speak I feel that my views have been challenged in a positive manner allowing me to explore and discover new potential opportunities to enhance me as a coach and in turn enhance the players I work with.

Ciarán Chambers

Professional Badminton Coach