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If you have signed up for the newsletter then I really appreciate your support.  It's great to know that a number of you have already received the extract from the future post on ‘Conditioned Games’.  I hope it gave you some Badminton content to think about and try out on court.

Did the benefits and dangers identified actually materialise in your session,  please let me know.

This post will be about the layout of the site and the different Badminton content and information I would like to share with you. Hopefully, you will have already clicked on a few links and menus. If so then you will have seen some of my ideas and thoughts plus many other places to visit. It is my intention to carry on filling the site with both.

The Content

My posts/ blogs/articles  (not sure what to call them)  are 50% of the reason I have started this journey. It's taken me many years to reach the point where I have the courage to openly share my thoughts.

I will try not to offend anyone but some thoughts may challenge you

I guess 'challenge' will be a theme throughout the site, as it has been during my own coaching journey. I intend to keep learning as much as I can, so, if you want to state an alternative viewpoint or contribute please do.

The viewpoints I share here will be varied and not just for coaches. At times they will focus on what to coach but more than that I want to stimulate your thoughts on the 'when' and 'how '.

6 ways started as a challenge to myself to expand my knowledge and to try and answer the questions in my head. I found that this was a simple way of encouraging myself to think about topics without fear of having to know all or any of the answers.

It started off as a ‘mind dump’, allowing random thoughts to be expressed, then gathered together to form short informative notes and advice to myself, my players, fellow coaches and parents.

My hope is that it will provide you with information and inspiration. The topics covered will be wide ranging and suitable for players, parents and coaches.

If you think there is anything missing, please let me know.  If you want to suggest to include something then please go ahead, I would welcome all contributions.

The useful links section does exactly what the title suggests.  There are links to books,  podcastsvideos,  influential documents and much more.

The section for Instagram recommends some great accounts for badminton images.  The video section contains links to lots of information including all the BWF videos from the 2017 World Coaches Conference, watching them is as good as being there.

If you are a parent and a sports enthusiast visit the book section.   I have recommended some great reading material and provided a quick link directly to Amazon.  There are suggestions on topics such as; being a sports parent, different ways to learn, views on the world of coaching and development.

If your favourite read isn't there please let me know and send a review.

Coaches Corner is a one-stop collection of things from this site that could influence your coaching.  No need to go searching for those new updates or classic articles.  I know your time is precious so this shortcut may be what you are looking for.

If you are a badminton fan and want to know all about Viktor Axelsen and other world class players click here.   Visit their blogs and YouTube channels.

In time I hope to have some guest posts not only about coaching but maybe topics such as S&C, nutrition, and much more.  My aim is also to encourage parents to post their thoughts.

badmintonandyIf you are a coach or parent you are very welcome to guest post here

There is my 1st gust post by John Noble from the Badmintonandy


If you cant find what you are looking for then post a question.  I appreciate your involvement and thoughts.  The motivation to help and interact with other coaches, parents or players is the reason I am in this sport.  I will try to create a general advice post or a “6 Ways to …” on a regular period.  If you leave your contact details I promise to be in touch with you.

I cant wait to get started !

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