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6 Ways to use your skipping rope

Do you have a skipping rope in your bag?
Do you use it?
What do you use it for?
The answer to these questions is either “yes/yes/skipping”  or  “yes/no/I don’t”

Here are 6 suggestions that may give you a different perspective on how to use your rope.

Plus there is a reminder that a skipping rope isn’t just for show!

A skipping rope is a tool in your bag and needs to be used
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1    The obvious: training
2    The obvious: warming up
3    Washing line
4    Fast Feet
5    Stretching
6    For show
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1  The obvious: training

For some players learning to skip can be a challenge.  I recommend that you try to master at least 4 or 5 different skipping footwork patterns.  Be determined to double jump and speed skip, these two are essential.   It will only take a little practice each week.

It’s a great way to increase your confidence and to be able to show others what you can do.  Challenge yourself to work on this at home in the garden or get to the hall early.   Use the quiet time before the others arrive to work on your skipping.   If you feel confident then ask them to join you and have a chat while you skip.

If you want more of a challenge see how many of these 23 you can do.

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2  The obvious: warming up

Do you include skipping in your warm-up routine?

It’s especially good at a tournament when space to run can be difficult to find.  In less than 1 minute you can increase your heart rate and focus your mind.   Of course, you must be comfortable skipping.

Try including it in your normal practice sessions either for warming up or physical training.  If you like skipping to warm up, then use well-rehearsed footwork patterns.

Patterns that you feel comfortable with and you could do with your eyes closed.   Don’t skip with your eyes closed though!  Your footwork needs to feel automatic and so easy that you can talk or listen to music.

Badminton warm up

Have you read this post : 6 Ways to Improve your warm up

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3  Washing line

BadmintonandyWhen you are away at a camp use your skipping rope to hang your kit while it dries.

Try trying two ropes together.  You will be able to make a long line that could stretch across the bathroom or your room.

Washing your kit is easy but drying it can a pain.  Remember,  if you wash your kit you don’t have to take as much and then you will always be under that bag weight limit!  Plus it won’t smell or rot in your bag.

Do your mum a favour and wash things before you get home from camp.

If you are interested in badminton camps keep a lookout for a future post 6 Ways to survive a camp

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4  Fast Feet

Badminton skipping ropePlace the rope on the floor.  Shape it in a ‘snake’ line.  Then use different footwork patterns to jump over it.

You could hop along the entire length with one foot, then change onto the other foot.  Try hopping with 3 hops on one foot then change to the other.

An easier version is to use 2 feet together either facing forwards or sideways.  If you have a partner then 2 ropes make a long line to try.  I am sure you could create many different patterns.

Please let me know which you prefer or what footwork patterns you like to do over the rope.

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5  Stretching


Do you use your rope as part of your assisted stretching routine?

If you are like me and you are not the most supple of badminton players, then use it for assistance.  I find that the rope can help with all sorts of stretches.

Use it for hamstring stretches by wrapping it around your foot.  It can also be used for shoulder and back stretches, trying the rope around a fixed object and pulling.

Try experimenting with how you can use your open to help with your stretches.

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6  For show

Yes, it’s true!

Some people have a rope in their bag and never use it!

Be careful that you aren’t one of these people.  Even if you are not fantastic at skipping, please try to do it regularly, say once a week or 3 minutes.   You may be surprised at how much you improve.

A skipping rope isn’t just for show.  It’s a tool in your bag and needs to be used
What other uses do you have for your rope?

Can you suggest ways of introducing people to the art of skipping?

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments so that I can incorporate them into 6 ways to help someone skip.

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    For my group, the fun games are when 2 players hold each end and the rest of the people jump through. Its great on camps 🙂

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