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How useful is multi shuttle ?

How design your multi-shuttle practices?
Are there different aims and goals that you use?
Or, maybe you've never thought about why you use this type of practice and all you do is feed
Would the 'usefulness' depend on
  •  What the aim or goal was?
  •  If there was a more effective alternative?
  •  How the practice was structured /designed?
It would be great to undertsatnd your views
especially if it's your 'go-to' practice type
The Big Multi Shuttle Survey
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You can share your views on how often do you use multi, what you use it for, and what influences your decision

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The results so far


Do you want to read my definition of a multi-shuttle practice before completing the survey? 

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My thoughts
multi shuttle
  • Do coaches consider the benefits or possible disadvantages of multi, I'm not sure.
  • Coaches must believe that it's useful (effective) as it’s always being promoted on Instagram, YouTube, etc.  Presumably coaches only post videos that they think will help others.
  • If you want, you can even buy multi-shuttle programs designed to help your game.  Is this a guarantee of effectiveness?
  • Is multi shuttle (with the coach/ feeder standing still) now the 'go-to' practice type for coaches?
  • However, within coaching manuals, there is very little information when compared to other components of coaching and player development.  Why is that?
  • There are certainly some benefits of multi-shuttle practice and I recommend that coaches consider using it.  However, there are also some reasons not to use it as your preferred practice type.
  • Some science literature suggested that there may not be many benefits and even harm to your tactical skills (and maybe your technical skills) if you do lots of unopposed isolated practices.

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Badminton multi shuttle

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Multi shuttle questions

The effectiveness of multi-shuttle depends on many factors, but what are they?
How much thought do you give it?
It's not just about feeding lots and lots of shuttles