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21 Things you may not know how about the BWF coaching awards

Here are all the things I wished that I knew before taking any BWF coaching awards

1.  They offer 4 courses, Shuttletime, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.  Level 3 is new, and availability varies

2.  The Videos are probably the best part of the resources  ShuttleTime   Level 1   Level 2 

3.  You don’t need any coaching or teaching experience to attend a Shuttletime course

4.  You can go straight onto BWF L1, you don’t need to have a Shuttletime award (check with your Country)

5.  You can complete part of Level 1 online.  Often its a requirement before attending the course (click here to access it)

6.  All the resources are online and free to download

7.  The charge for each course can vary as they are set by the Country hosting the course

BWF Level 1 online

8.  The length of each course can vary – weekends or week courses are popular

9.  You can do your Level 2 at the European Summer School week Camp during an intensive 5 days

10.  The L1 does not assess you on individual coaching.  It’s all about group coaching

11.  The L2 includes a player study and plan

12.  Some Countries allow you to repeat part of the course for free if you do not pass

13.  There isn’t much information about Multishuttle feeding

14.  BWF recognises worldwide, its called an Industry standard

BWF coaching awards

15.  Available in more than 5 languages, the number is always increasing every year,  try the French BWFL1

16.  Shuttletime app is available on Apple and Google store.  Download it now

17.  The nature of BWF Coach Education is to develop you as a coach, therefore you will be required to think for yourself

18.  Level 1, 2 and 3 are targeted towards “performance” Badminton

19.  Shuttletime is targeted to participation with an underlying development theme

20.  The Tutors will challenge you!  Coaches do fail the course!

21.  It’s a great way to start Coaching Journey and the people you meet can be friends for life

BWF coaching awards

Tips to help to pass a BWFL1 award


If you would like to add to the list please let me know

It would be great to hear about your experiences from attending any of the BWF coaching awards

If you would like more information and tips to help you on a BWFL1 course click this image

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