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The Badminton Podcast

badminton andy
Jeff & Henry, the creators and hosts
Have you listened to this unique podcast ?
It’s one of my favorites and it’s often worth a repeat listen
Jeff and Henry ask some great question in an easy listen to relaxed style

Their interviews take a unique approach to Badminton, in all its forms.  They’ve interviewed Word class players, passionate fans, professional coaches, plus they look at how Badminton can help you away from the court.

It’s certainly not all about Backhands and multi shuttle training.  It’s much more than that.

they celebrate local heroes, interview players from all walks of life & give some great insights
Jeff and Henry help people appreciate what it takes to be a great badminton player & how amazing the sport is
These are some of my favorite episodes so far
Episode 89 –  The Rise of a Nation (Part 1 and 2) – Martjin Van Dooremalen (NED)

Martijn Van Dooremalen

Martijn van Dooremalen.  If you haven’t heard of him, you’re in for a treat!  He has a rich history in badminton, and a huge impact on badminton in the Netherlands, Europe and the world.

A small snippet of his endless list of achievements include: being the coach of many teams including the Dutch National team for 24 years which included 55 medals at the European Championships, World Championships, Thomas & Uber Cup and Olympic Games. Some of these highlights are Mia Audina’s silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Uber Cup silver medal in 2006 and European champion titles.

Martijn talks about what it takes to move a small/medium size badminton Nation to the very top of individual and team events.  He certainly outlines the role of the coach.

Note : this is a 2 part episode click here for   Part 1      Part 2




Episode 82 – Tobias Wadenka (GER) : Finding your own way

Tobias Wadenka

Tobias Wadenka is a former professional badminton player from Germany who is a coach at an elite sports school and runs a YouTube channel, online badminton course and podcast!

They talk about his badminton story and how he didn’t take such a ‘conventional’ badminton pathway. Instead, he was been able to find his own way throughout his career and to where he is now.

Ask him your questions by connecting with him on Instagram: @tobiaswadenka

His YouTube channel is awesome too – check it out here



Episode 44 – Martyn Lewis 

Martyn Lewis Nottingham

Jeff and Henry talk with Martyn Lewis, Head Performance Coach at the University of Nottingham

Martyn and the guys discuss everything related to Unversity and High Performace Badminton.  How the University plans to combine a great education and still enable players to train and play to a high level.

In addition to his former world ranking of No. 17 in Men’s Doubles, Martyn Lewis has a myriad of badminton achievements to his name as a player. Now as the Head Performance Coach at the University of Nottingham, he plays a pivotal role in supporting student players in badminton and their academics.

I like the detail with regard to what a top Unversity can offer a High-performance badminton player




Episode 40 – Toby Penty 


Jeff and Henry talk with Toby Penty, England’s number 1 Men’s Singles player

Listen to how Toby has worked through a very challenging period in his life. How he progressed through the junior ranks and lost in the final of European tournaments before finally winning 3 in a row!

I particularly like the last third of the chat where Toby explains his outlook on life and how he tries to put his experiences into perspective. It is one of their best chats.




Episode 17 Hans-Kristian Vittinghus

BadmintonandyThe man who can hit a between-the-legs winner against Lee Chong Wei in clutch points of a final.  HK helped sealed Denmark’s historic Thomas Cup Finals victory in 2016.

They talk with HK about his badminton journey, balancing professional badminton with his family life, and how to keep young athletes playing our great sport.




Episode 13 : Raphael Sachetat
Click to watch his video interview with Badminton Europe

They talk with Rahael who is the founder of Badzine, Badmintonphoto, Solibad and one of the biggest contributors to badminton for the past 20 years.

In this episode, they dig into Raphael’s story and how he has made a career for himself in badminton through journalism, photography and charity work that envisions Badminton Without Borders.

Raphael also runs BadmintonPhoto the best site for badminton photographsBadmintonandy






Episode 12 : Gronya Somerville

BadmintonandyFrom Australia, Gromya is one of the most well-known badminton players on the international circuit today.

In this episode, they explore the woman behind the name. In doing so, they uncover what’s true and real in life in the eyes of this young & influential athlete.

They talk about her early days, her coaches, her motivations and aims for the future.



Episode 5 : Stuart Rowlands

BadmintonandyIn this episode, they talk with Stuart about the important things to consider when developing yourself as a coach, and how his journey has contributed to the high calibre of coach that he is today.

Currently (12/2019) Stuart is the current National Junior Coach and Performance Manager for Badminton Australia where he’s responsible for the management of the entire National Junior Program.

Stuart also runs a comprehensive badminton program at St Peter’s College in Adelaide, where he resides and coaches several state and national junior players privately.

Before moving to Australia, Stuart was part of the Badminton England’s National Team from 2004 to 2011 and attended Bath University







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you don’t have to agree with all they say, but you do need to consider their viewpoints 😉



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