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Badminton Stances – a guide to use and development

This is a summary of everything I know about badminton stances & their uses
I’d seen these stances in singles but never realised how important they were
The advantages they bring to movement skills are often overlooked or not valued
What do you know about the preparation stances and do you see what I see?
I want to share 5 different ways for you to find out more
Click and follow the links below to read and watch the videos in each
The key points
  • Badminton stances are anticipatory, based on what the player believes the opponent may play or something that they want to be ready for
  • There are opportunities between strokes to make a choice of how to stand (prepare) or to not prepare (just move)
  • All choices concerning stances are tactical but do coaches practice and develop them from a tactical viewpoint
  • The action of adopting a stance involves a split-step but is a tactical choice not just a technical movement
  • I'm struggling to find anything that references badminton stances in my coach education 🙁
  • Be aware that the direction the player eventually moves is based on the stroke played by the opponent
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6 Ways to use stances in your badminton movement


This post is aimed at players

It will take about 6 mins to read and covers some fundamental points about badminton stances, especially in singles movements

What they are, why you should use them, when they happen, and how you can practice them.

Plus why it's all about the tactical choice you make before your opponent strikes the shuttle.

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The coaches guide to badminton stances

Badminton Stances Part 1It's a long post so it's split into 3 parts.  I think it'll take about 5 - 7 mins to read each one as they are both packed with information and hopefully thought-provoking suggestions.

It's mainly aimed at coaches and those who like lots of detail plus background information.

Part 1 :  the start of my understanding, why use stances and what are they

Part 2 : the reasons why stances are tactical and anticipatory (plus attacking stance debate)

Part 3: is all about practice: ideas to include for, how to introduce and crucially how to play tactically not technically

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I wish that I'd seen this earlier as a coach

Badminton Stances

This is a shorter post, probably a 4 min read.  It will tell the story of my first encounter with my mentor Roger Mills and the things I witnessed.  I'll explain the questions I asked and how he responded.

This was the start of my understanding, I just wish I'd seen this earlier.  The information I learned is still applicable today, some 30 years later.

After watching Roger work with a talented young singles player, I had so many questions.  You can read them all, plus see the notes I took.

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Badminton Stances - what do you see?

Which Badminton Stances can you see

This is a shorter post and there is a video of Tai Tzu Ying video to watch 🙂

Your challenge is to watch the short video and answer the 7 questions,  it will probably take you 3 -5  minutes depending on how many times you want to watch.

This is your opportunity to examine the footwork and to understand how important stances are, where they happen and what happens immediately afterwards.

I've posted my thoughts and plenty of statistics for you to consider.  How many times do you think TTY split-steps in the direction she moves?

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What to include in practice

Badminton StancesThis a list of things to do and not do in practice.

I hope it will act as a summary.  You may not agree with all the points.  The aim is to help you introduce stances, allow for in practice, and then how to encourage autonomous movements. 

It's a bullet list so will take only 3 minutes to read, however, it may offer up hours of ideas for future sessions.

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I was shocked, they were  right in front of my eyes, but I had never realised it

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If you think that I've missed any important points it would be great to hear from you
It would be great to have links to Coach Education or articles that give some detail to compare my ideas
I appreciate all your comments and suggestions, why not send me an email