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Coach Question: Is multi shuttle useful?

Is there a simple yes or no to this question?
Or, maybe you’ve never thought about why you use this type of practice
I’ve created a series of short surveys to collect your thoughts
You need to have a view and especially if it’s your ‘go-to’ practice type
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The Big Multi Shuttle Survey & links
Why is the survey needed?
What’s my goal/aim?
The definition of a multi shuttle practice
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The Big Multi Shuttle Survey

I see many coaches and players using multi-shuttle practice and it does seem like the practice of choice.

I’m one of those coaches who sometimes use multi-shuttle practices when I’m coaching.

However, do you know why other coaches use this practice?

Do you know the factors they think about when designing their session – I don’t


The survey will consider multi for developing technique, endurance, power, speed, anticipation, tactics, and player confidence.

Part 1 : The various uses of multi : blog post    survey

Part 2 : Technique: blog post    survey

Part3 : endurance/power/speed: blog post    survey

That’s why I’ve created this survey (all 8 parts 🙂 )
I think it’s time we know why & how coaches use multi-shuttle, and what more information is needed

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Why is the survey needed?
BWF Level 1
extract from the BWFL1 manual

I’ve always been interested in what motivates coaches to practice in the way they do.  This includes all types of practice methodologies, not just multi-shuttle.

When I looked at the information available to inform coaches about mult-shuttle, I found very little.

Take a quick look at your favourite Instagram or Facebook Badminton sites and I’m sure you will see someone doing a multi-shuttle practice.

People are holding 15-20 shuttles up their arm, some standing on benches, some sitting on benches, and others standing on the same side as their player and throwing shuttles.


My motivation for the survey came from the lack of this information.  There is a sparse amount from organisations such as Badminton World Federation, Badminton Europe, and Badminton England.

After looking through the BWFL1, BWFL2 and Shuttletime manuals only the Level 1 has any information to help coaches regarding multi-feeding.  Only 2 pages (nos. 35 & 38) out of has 240 pages makes reference.

That is less than 1% about a topic that dominates your badminton newsfeeds.


Do you agree that ease of delivery of a multi shuttle practice hides the required practice design demands?

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What’s the goal
To collect your thoughts, start a debate, ask you to explore your current thinking
How do your responses compare to the others?
I hoped to find out why people use multi shuttle and how often

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The definition of a multi shuttle practice
Click here to read my definition

How would you define a multi shuttle practice to someone?

If they came to watch your multi practice what would they see and how would you describe exactly what you were doing and why

To have a discussion there needs to be a definition, otherwise, confusion is a possibility

You may disagree with me and if you do then please let me know.



The effectiveness of multi-shuttle depends on many factors, but what are they?
How much thought do you give it?   It’s not just about feeding lots and lots of shuttles

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