A Year On Tour With Vittinghus

Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus Podcast
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  • honest thoughts from Hans-Kristian
  • what it’s like to be a pro player and rankings
  • tactical ideas and how Hans-Kristian prepares for opponents
  • the constant physical battle
  • the importance of the mental side
My favourite episodes so far … click on each to hear more
Introduction to A Year On Tour   3 min
A short introductory episode to let everyone know more about what you can expect from this podcast series. You’ll also get to know how you can get in touch with Hans-Kristian for suggestions or any other kind of feedback.
Malaysia Masters – Out In Round 1   12 min

Final episode of the Malaysia Masters week. Recapping HKV’s first-round performance against Lu Guangzu.  Also replying to a listener question about the effects of my #betterin2020 campaign.

Indonesia Masters – Special guest  Anders Skaarup Rasmussen  26 min

An episode from Jakarta at the Indonesia Masters. with the first episode with a guest.  The one and only Anders Skaarup Rasmussen.  HKV says that he is quite possibly the funniest guy on tour!


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