Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Error prevention rather than error correction

Is it possible to work in such a way to prevent or limit future technique issues?
Especially with novice players within years 1- 4 of starting badminton
What are there techniques that if left, may limit a player’s future development?

What is an inappropriate technique

My assumptions - do you agree?

A quick story

How to define the technical limiters

Why they may occur in novice players

Recognition and Classification

Understanding your observations

Identifying Faults – questions to ask

Classification of errors : 3 types

Recognition difficulty & impact assessment

Observing and making sense

What do you see & how do you react

Making sense of what you see

Recognition difficulties

Assessing the impact


My hope is that you can become an expert coach in 'Error Prevention', create strategies when working with novice players, inspire some thoughts and ignite a passion for you to share your own.

I am not suggesting that all players need to fit a perfect model of technique, I’m sure that a ‘perfect model’ doesn’t even exist.  There must be a wide bandwidth of techniques that can be used to play our game.

However, there are techniques that I hope you agree will and do limit future development, cause injury and reduce enjoyment.

Error prevention through positive coaching must on of the uppermost goals for all coaches.