Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Badminton Expert Advice
Have you ever wondered what advice a WR player or professional coach could give you?
Now is your opportunity to ask a question and read what they have to say
These badminton experts will help you improve & provide an insight into their sporting life

The contributors are a mix of World Class players, Olympians, professional coaches and badminton thinkers.

All have something to say and have agreed to share their knowledge and advice with you

If you would like to join the group please email me

I hope you like the questions I'm asking them.  I'm trying to avoid the classic "How many rackets do you have in your bag", but I guess I will ask that at sometime 🙂

If you have a question of your own then please do email me at contact@badmintonandy.com




Question coming soon
    • How do you cope with expectations?
    • Where do you find information or advice for your sporting life and how many sources do you have?
    • How do you identify and deal with weakness?
    • What in-game strategies do you use on a regular basis or advise others to try
    • How do you increase your Badminton related knowledge?
    • I often used to feel ....xx....., until I realised ...yy....
    • Why didn't anyone tell me that .... (things you wish someone had said 🙂  )
    • What questions players should be asking of themselves or of coaches?
    • At what stage in your development did you suddenly improve, why was that?
    • How do you hide your weaknesses?
    • If you went back what could you have done better? eg you never paid attention to your diet and that would have transformed recovery.
    • What advice did you receive from a coach really stuck in your head?
    • Do you think your coaches made a difference to you and how?
    • In that situation, I would
      • playing someone who I've never beaten
      • when I was going on a 2-week training camp I would ....
      • when I found out that we had a new National coach I thought ...
      • when I was losing the 1st game by 9-17 I would decide to ..
I hope you enjoy their replies and that they make a difference to you and your Badminton

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