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Contradictory Badminton Advice : Part 1

This badminton coaching advice needs your thoughts
Which of these Technical statements do you agree with?
Your Challenge

Quickly scan the statements below and choose between the alternative contradictory badminton coaching advice that is being offered.  Could you accept both or you may decide that neither fits your thinking, hopefully, you will be able to write an alternative option.

My aim is to create thoughts in your mind, thoughts that need resolution.  Therefore I have deliberately tried to write an opposing view between each statement.

How would you convince a friend to follow the statement that you choose?

If you send me an email I will write a short post on any of the ones you choose or why not send me your ideas.  I’m happy to post on your behalf.

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Overhead Hitting Actions

No Big swings, try to reduce all follow-through actions     vrs       For Power use a full throwing action

Keep your preparations short and quick          vrs       Pull your elbow back and downwards for power

Introducing the badminton overhead to novice players –  (the 5 challenges)

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6 Ways to improve your all court movement
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For striking net shots coach :   “Land – Hit”     vrs    “Hit – Land”

Moving forwards for net shots:  Chasse, don’t run    vrs    Chasse / Run / Step use them all

When moving backwards for overheads :  Encourage Chasse  vrs    Develop Chasse and Backwards Running

Stay on your toes for fast movement        vrs      Use a solid base of varying widths and push into the court

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The Split Step Challenge !
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Base / Recovery positions

Always return to the centre of the court     vrs      Prepare to move to the shuttle that will hit your court first

Stand in a Square Base and face opponent   vrs    Use of one 3 Stances (Forwards, Backwards attacking, Square defensive)

Do you want to take the Split Step Challenge for Coaches

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Grips for Singles Players
6 Ways to develop effective Badminton grips
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Change grips: shorten and lengthen where you hold the racket as you move between the front & rear court because long grips are ok in the rearcourt but lack the control at the net


Play the majority of your shots with a grip that allows you to strike the shuttle how you want.  Use minor changes to make a big difference.


Understand the names : the Basic, Neutral, Corner, Thump, Pan grips.  Players need to know the grip names and when each is used.  Knowledge is Power

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BadmintonandyRacket Position

“Racket Up and Ready” around your head height


“Early Preparation for the opponents most likely reply”, even if the racket is down by your knees

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6 Ways to coach a backhand
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Backhand Overheads

“Elbow up” in preparation for BH  overheads   vrs   Prepare with elbow low (below) the racket head

Always use a thumb up the back    vrs    Move your thumb depending on the shuttle position & the intended shot

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6 Ways to improve your RTH
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Round The Head Movement (RTH)

Movement to the RTH :   Turn – Chasse – Jump      vrs      Sideways Step/Hop – Pivot – Jump

Recovery from the RTH :   Chasse  Step     vrs    Single running Step

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Thank you 🙂


Please know that I have deliberately tried to write an opposing view between each statement

If you have reached the end of this post, I am very grateful for your motivation and support.  Not many people read this far !!

Which statements did you choose?


What thoughts did you have to create a conclusion about this contradictory badminton coaching advice?

I hope some were difficult choices whilst others just took a few seconds to think about

Some of the statements are difficult to choose between as it always DEPENDS on the aim of the practice/situation and who you are working with



If you’d like to read more about badminton contradictions click herecontradictory badminton coaching advice

Send me an email, I am very grateful for every email I receive, I don’t mind if you disagree
Without your opinions about these contradictions how can we all develope together
contradictory badminton coaching advice
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