21 ideas and reminders for 1 to 1 badminton coaches

Have you ever thought about all the things a coach needs to consider when delivering an individual badminton coaching session

This list gives you 21 things  I things are important and that coaches, parents and parents need to be aware of

Some are ideas away from the court, most are suggestions for the session itself.  If you are a parent or player why not see how many you can tick off for your coach during the session.

I’d like to write more, but which ones do you want to hear more about?  Write a comment or drop me DM on Twitter , Instagram or Facebook and I promise to get back to you soon.


Have I missed any that you would include?   I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂


1.    Always carry your contact details and business card

2.    Be approachable and smile, talk to anyone who approaches you

3.    Be insured, be responsible

4.    Offer a trial of 4 sessions before asking people to sign up 

5.    Ask for 3 things they want to improve prior to the very first session

6.   Include Tactical elements and concepts in everything you do

7.   Greet them with open questions and find out something new every time you have a session



8.    Warm up together & use the warm up to prepare for later tasks

9.    Ask the parents to sit by the court, involve them.  They are paying so give them something to think about

10.   Vary the themes within the first 4 sessions: 1 technical, 1 physical, 1 doubles or singles, 1 showing improvements

11.   Ensure learning takes place, especially decision making.  Practices without decisions are just routines.

12.   Don’t kill them with physical or multi shuttle drills.  Try not to default to multi, understand its limitations.

13.   Be aware of saturation in all forms: concentration, physical, technical changes.  Try to anticipate saturation.

14.   You must move don’t just stand still and feed throughout the session.  Be an opponent at times, try to gain an advantage over the player.



15.   Ensure its enjoyable, include lots of mini games that create learning or establishment of skill without the player knowing

16.   Ensure players have defined “takeaway” moments and recap throughout not just at the end

17.   Work very hard to prevent many classic errors.  I recommend doing lots of below shoulder stroke work in the early months.

18.   Cool down and summarise together.  Ask them what they enjoyed, you may be surprised!

19.   Instil a desire for improvement.  Encourage an objective view concerning errors.  In fact work towards ‘errors’

20.   Involve parental feedback.  they may see things you have missed.  Their opinion matters.


21.   Over deliver,  no matter what you charge



Do you think there are others that need including?
Which ones would you like more information or explanation?


I will write more if you post a comment here or send me a DM on Twitter , Instagram or Facebook

2 thoughts on “21 ideas and reminders for 1 to 1 badminton coaches

  • April 21, 2020 at 3:30 am

    Great points for badminton coaches who never try to connect with their students.

    I loved this point – “Ask for 3 things they want to improve prior to the very first session”

    Most coaches don’t even bother to spend few minutes of their time and ask some basic questions.

    By bringing up this point, you have showed sign of a true badminton coach.

    Thanks for sharing this to your audience!

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