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Badminton online seminars

Do have trouble finding information to improve your coaching?
I've collected together some great Badminton online YouTube seminars and Podcasts  for you
The key points are all  summarised so that you can decide which ones to watch first

All you have to do this click below to watch and listen

If you know of any you think should be included please let me know


Player Communication webinar from Badminton Europe

If you post on social media then this post is for you.   Rasmus Bech , BE Communication manager presents this very informative webinar.  For a list of topics covered click this image

(The seminar has been organised by Badminton Europe)

Sports Coaching Podcast

What is knowledge, where is stored, what duty do you have to share

They discuss what is knowledge, how and why people have a duty to help create, engage and work openly to share knowledge.

Plus the role of coaches and researchers in knowledge creation, the different types of knowledge reflectors, referencing the work of Margaret Archer 


What tournament plan does a player need to reach the All England?

How can you move from a World Ranking of 200–36.  Only 11 mins long, Martijn explains the theory of how a player could aim to play in the All England within 3 years.

(The seminar has been organised by Fitminton through the Latvian Badminton federation)


Paul Stewart and Tim Willis

A great Q&A with Tim and Paul that discusses everything about stringing: what strings and tension professional players use, what is pre-stringing, gromets, insider tips for stringers, the cost of stringing, air badminton and much more !

(The webinar has been organised by Paul Stewart Badminton through his Facebook Group)

Jeroen van Dijk

Coaching teenage stars : webinar from Badminton Europe

What are the tips you need, the things to be aware of when coaching a teenage superstar.  This information will help coaches, parents and administrators involved with teenage players

(The seminar has been organised by Badminton Europe)


Each phase is broken down into: Serving – Defence – Attack

Martijn leads you through ideas & concepts when introducing doubles to beginner, intermediate and high-performance players. He uses a step by step approach with diagrams and critical notes.

(This seminar is from the series published by the Pan America badminton federation)

Kirk Vallis Google

How to think of new ideas and inspire yourself with option

Kirk Vallis, Head of Creative Capability at Google shares his principles for creative problem-solving

The focus is on creating and selecting options plus discussing five scenarios that coach mentors and coach developers who support coaches might encounter

Nick Winkelman

Nick Winkelman challenges you with these questions

How do you use language to influence players & focus their attention.  The use of coaching cues to move a player's attention to intention.  Where well-intentioned coaches can wrong when asked for help.  Plus why brilliant players who become coaches fail or struggle to help players with the how-to skills.

BWF World Coaches Conference 2017

7 showcase videos featuring

  • Kenneth Larsen – the use of conditioned games for tactical development
  • Pi Hongyan and Xu Huaiwen – modern day women’s singles
  • Dr Mark King – a study of the jump smash
  • Stewart Kerr – Shoulder Injury Prevention
  • Julian North - what makes an effective Player Development System

Badminton Basel, Switzerland

5 showcase videos featuring

  • Lars Uhre -simplifying complex tactical training for singles
  • Zhao Yunlei - the female role in mixed doubles
  • Lars Uhre - considerations for coach men's and women's singles
  • Morton Frost & Zhao Yunlei - questions concerning to the modern game

BWF Badminton Coaching Conference

8 showcase videos featuring

  • Tracey Hallam - developing female players
  • Efendi Wijaya - doubles and mixed training
  • Kenneth Larson - split vision & multi-shuttle training
  • Mike Butler - testing protocols
  • Jennifer Less - developing singles players

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