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Doubles Masterclass with Martijn van Dooremalen and friends

Listen and watch this free online Doubles Seminar from April 2020

BadmintonandyThis free online seminar has been organised by Fitminton.  The coordinator was Kristians Rozenvalds,
Secretary general of Latvian Badminton federation.

Fitminton is a free online Badminton Coaching resource and was the first world was introduced with Fit’Minton by the French badminton federation.

The Doubles Masterclass features 3 expert Badminton Coaches




Key points for you
Martijn van Dooremalen
  1. BadmintonandyThe differences between Doubles and Singles.  The technical, mental and physical skills that make it a different game.  He believes that it is a different game.
  2. What order to teach doubles skills to young players and the racket handling skills and practices
  3. Service situations and how to start with young players.  The services and the returns.  He coaches BH low and Bh high services, then flicks
  4. Coach Defensive situations before Attacking situations
  5. He believes that doubles is more explosive than singles, double players need to react quickly
Wojciech Szkudlarczyk
  1. BadmintonandyThe importance of the first 3 strokes
  2. When to move after serving – move before the receiver hits the shuttle
  3. The importance of Communication with partners – staying calm, have prepared tactics, look for winners. What each of you will do after serving, ensure that you both know 🙂
  4. In Defensive situations both players must move together
  5. The net player needs to be ‘active’ and be prepared to move
  6. When there are attacking opportunities at the net the rear player must move forwards closer to their partner
  7. When attacking aim for the weaknesses of the opponents – right/left hips, knees, even at their heads
BadmintonandyNishant Kauthekar
  1. The mindset is very important for player, they must ‘want’ to play doubles.  The mindset is different from singles as there is the need for co-operation and fixed strategies.
  2. Try to have various patterns of play, but ensure that you can change this when playing different opponents
  3. Left and right handers combination can be very effective
  4. Hard attacking is not the only way ! ;
  1. Thomas from Switzerland (1:04 mins), asked “how do you introduce could to young players so that they get used to having two players on their court”.  Martijn suggested the use of ‘Conditioned Games’ and to just let them play.  Not to over correct and dictate everything.  He suggested that there are some fixed positions such as serve and return, but in general let them experience.
  2. Samir from India (1:07 mins), asked about doubles rotation, “when and how can the back player give a signal to the front player“.  Martijn said that its the front player who decides, not the rear player.  The front player will consider the situation based on where the shuttle is.
  3. Doubles specialisation (1:12mins).  Martijn feels that this happens when players are around 15-16 yrs old. (European model)
  4. Choosing Partners – “what is the coaches role at different age groups” (1:15 mins). Wojciech believes that it’s a difficult question because people need to try different partners as some pairs work after some time, even though at the beginning it was not working.  Players need to contribute to this question as well as the Coach.
  5. Martijn asked Wojciech (1:25:22) – “which movement is best when receiving a low serve in doubles”.  Wojciech gave a great answer 😉  what would you advise ?  now go and listen to his reply 😉
I hope that you enjoy the seminar

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Kristians Rozenvalds
Secretary general of
Latvian Badminton federation
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