Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Using Language to Improve Skill Development – Nick Winkelman

This podcast is part of the series by UkCoaching.org
After listening to it I was inspired to share the words and ideas  presented by Nick Winkelman
Many of the statements made by Nick are highly impactful if you listen to them 🙂

nick winkelman

Nick Winkelman, PhD, is the head of athletic performance and science for the Irish Rugby Football Union.

In this discussion, Nick shares his thoughts concerning the power of language to support skill acquisition and provides loads of practical examples for coaches to think about.

There is definitely lots to think about, be prepared 🙂



Nick challenges you and asks these questions to help you think about and improve your coaching communications

  • How to use language to influence players and to focus their attention
  • The use of coaching cues: how and why it’s important to move a players attention to intention
  • Where well-intentioned coaches can wrong (14 – 20 mins) when a player asks “help me coach, I know what to do but not how to do it”
  • The use of language in the difference between giving the player knowledge of what to do rather and the more important how to do it (but being aware of the focus that you create)
  • Why brilliant players who become coaches fail or struggle to help players in the how-to skills
  • The dangers of pointing out an individuals body parts in trying to help their overall movement patterns
  • Why it’s important to figure out better ways to phrase things to develop movements patters