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Tournament Planning with Martijn van Dooremalen

What tournament plan does a player need to reach the All England?
How can you move from a World Ranking of 200 – 36

BadmintonandyThis was the question asked by Nishant Kauthekar -– Head coach of Moss Badmintonklubb in Norway during the free online seminar held by

This free online seminar has been organised by Fitminton.  The coordinator was Kristians Rozenvalds,
Secretary general of Latvian Badminton federation.

Martijn van Dooremalen

Martijn explains the theory of how a player could aim to play in the All England within 3 years.

Using his years of experience as the National Coach and Technical Director (1985 – 2012) of Badminton Netherlands, he details the plan, the tournaments and gives advice on what is possible.

Martijn van Dooremalen Tournament Planning WR200 to 32: presentation documents

Watch the Full Seminar or finish at 11 mins for the section

Key points for you
  1. BadmintonandyHow the World Ranking System works – points, ranking, events
  2. What points you need to get into the All England
  3. The length of time it takes and how to plan month by month
  4. The levels of all BWF events and where to find information … link to BWF regulations (see image below)
  5. He explains where in a tournament points can be scored ie 2nd round, quarter finals, semi finals etc
  6. The plan is logical it just requires thought and of course player development 🙂


Click to read BWF Regulations
Click to see the presentation pdf


I hope that you enjoy the seminar

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