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Planning for Success with Martijn van Dooremalen

Have you ever tried to plan out your entire Badminton year?
What are the factors that come together to form a great Badminton Tournament plan?

In this free online seminar, Martijn van Dooremalen will take you through the details and step required to create a year Badminton plan.

This is something that he did on a regular basis for all his players when he was a National Coach.

The information is aimed at Coaches but Players need to be aware as they must also contribute to the plan.  There are questions at the end and links to the Pdf presentation documents.

I found that I had to listen to the presentation 3 times in order to fully appreciate the level of quality and detail that Martijn delivers.

If you coach High Performance players and don’t plan then this seminar is for you
BadmintonandyMartijn will show you how to
  • prepare the plan
  • what to include
  • calculate the intensity of the training
  • transfer into a weekly plan plus lots more ideas for consideration


Martijn believes that all HP players need a year plan
and its the job of Coaches to provide this and in the detail below


Martijn van Dooremalen

Martijn explains the theory behind how to create a great year plan

Using his years of experience as the National Coach and Technical Director (1985 – 2012) of Badminton Netherlands, he details the factors and thinking behind what you should include.

Planning for Success with Martijn van Dooremalen: the pdf presentation

Watch the Full Seminar or go to the questions at 32 mins
Key points for you
  1. Success depends on careful planning: If you are motivated to succeed and develop then you need a plan. Why would you not have a plan?
  2. How to set up a year plan: the elements – Targets, Player involvement, Facilities, Expert Knowhow,
  3. Targets – how to create realistic and achievable targets. The number of events to plan for.
  4. Player Involvement – it’s a crucial part of the year plan. Martijn places importance on ‘knowing’ your players, not only their Technical-Tactical-Physical-Mental but also their Lifestyle.
  5. Facilities – what do you have and how often can you use them. The numbers of courts, weights room, video equipment and most importantly the use of Heart Rate (HR) equipment.
  6. Expert Knowhow: this applies to Coaches and all your Support Staff.  Everyone needs to understand Badminton and the demands it places on the player.
Example of year plan for a Singles Player

Martijn will lead you through the creation of a year plan using an Excel document.  He breaks everything down into a week by week programme.

Includes tournaments, tests, process targets, physical conditioning cycles.

The Plan includes
  • Product targets … easy to measure, 12-15 events every season, the reasons why
  • Process targets … Not so easy to measure, Badminton on court subjective assessments
  • Testing … Vo2 testing,  training zones with HR monitor
  • Physical training periods … Aerobic, Power, Speed, Rest
  • Workload Intensity …. a calculation to quantify workloads and intensity in every single practice
Click to see the Presentation


I hope that you enjoy the seminar

If you have any feedback please post a comment below.   

It would be great to see if you enjoyed it as much as I did


Samir India : How can we increase vo2 max in players …. Martijn refers to his plan and the use of training zones within HR limits. He favours interval running that are similar to match rallies 20-30 seconds.  He explains that HR do differ on court than when running

Process targets : how to measure these subjective difficult targets …. Martjin replies by saying the eye of the coach is the measure, not numbers, not targets.  Coaches must become very good at assessing what they see.

Nishant from Norway : How does your plan cope with injuries and cancellation …. Martijn explains that all High Performace players need plans and these must be reviewed and changed (if required) every month.  It’s your job as a coach to have a plan but also to be flexible.

Nishant from Norway : Transition from Junior to elite phase, how do you manage recovery time …. Martijn outlines that recovery is an important factor and time must be included in the plan.  He points out that recovery time maybe is difficult in the season at its peak. However, it is possible to plan for recovery in the weekly week plan as either a rest day or with lower intensity during sessions.



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This free online seminar has been organised by Fitminton.
The coordinator was Kristians Rozenvalds, Secretary-general of Latvian Badminton federation


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