Thursday, June 20, 2024
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BWF World Coaches Conference 2020

Doubles and Mixed Doubles Training- Efendi Wijaya

A 40 min on court coaching demonstration of doubles training to help you and your players.  Lots of practical ideas and themes and shown and discussed.

(BWF World Coaches Conference 2020)

Developing Female Players - Tracey Hallam

An on court 35 min session with lots of practical ideas and examples for coaching female singles players

(BWF World Coaches Conference 2020)

Sport Science in Badminton - Niels Christian Kaldau

A 25 min presentation from Niels Christian Kaldau, who is a former Danish National player.  He is now a specialist in orthopedic surgery, particularly involved in surgery of the shoulder, hip, and knee.

(BWF World Coaches Conference 2020)


How do we Learn - the art of combining technical and tactical training

Kenneth Larsen



Expert Panel Q&A 

Wade Gilbert, Kenneth Larsen, Scott Sandison, Tracey Hallam

This 50 mins question time answers important questions


Testing Protocols- -Mike Butler

This 33 mins presentation details on court testing for badminton players in Canada



Split Vision Exercises and Multi-Feeding- Kenneth Larsen

This 40 on court session gives ideas and theories to help with your muti-feeding


Developing Singles Players- Jennifer Lee

This 36 mins on court session with lots of ideas to develop singles players

Badminton online seminars

I've collected together some great Badminton online YouTube seminars and Podcasts  for you

The key points are all  summarised so that you can decide which ones to watch first

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