Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Is Sport Coaching a Knowledge Building Community?

The people at the Coaching Discourse Podcast have an in-depth conversion with Dr. Julian North of Leeds Beckett University

Dr Julien North Sport Coaching

Julian is the Director of the Research Centre for Sport Coaching, and a Reader in Sport Coaching. twitter @jnorthleeds

He has been a social and sport researcher for approaching 30 years in a variety of policy, practice and academic roles in the UK and Australia. He previously worked for UK Coaching, the Australian Sports Commission and UK Sport. You could say that he knows plenty about Sport Coaching and how to build knowledge

They discuss
  • What is knowledge
  • Where knowledge is stored and accessed.  How people have a duty to help create, engage and work openly to share knowledge
  • How knowledge is created and the role of coaches and academics / researchers
  • The role of coaches and researchers in knowledge creation
  • The work of Margaret Archer and the different types of knowledge reflectors (which do you think you are) 31:20

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