Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Coaching a teenage rising star – Jeroen van Dijk

What are the tips you need, the things to be aware of when coaching a teenage superstar
This information will help coaches, parents and administrators involved with teenage players


Badminton Europe

Coaching a Badminton rising star


Get to know Jeroen van DijkJeroen van Dijk is the Head Coach at the Badminton Europe Centre of Excellenace based in Holbæk. He is an ex-world-class player.

This presentation is just over 30 minutes in duration and is packed full of useful information for those coaches and parents who are responsible for developing teenage talent.

Jeroen has a ‘tell it as it is style and covers many topics that you need to be aware of.  It has plenty of examples, many from his own experiences and isn’t shy to cover some tough topics.

Jerome then takes question for 15 mins – see below for example



Badminton EuropeTopics covered
  • This is no one method or path, the environment is the most important factor
  • The 6 inputs a coach must deal with and how to look after yourself
  • The difficulties of being a coach and a selector
  • What to focus on, when and at what intensity
  • Personalities, Playing styles and Training smartly
  • The mindset and lifestyle of a future star
  • much, much more


Questions (starting at 37 mins)
  • How can coaches manage those tough decisions that need to be made?
  • When should sports psychology be introduced to the player?
  • How important are tournaments in a players programme and how many should the teenager play?
  • How to balance life outside the court with the training demands?

Thank you to Badminton Europe for this webinar.  Look out for more great initiatives.