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BWF World Coaches Conference 2017

BWF World Coaches Conference
Development of Tactical and Physical Skills in Men's Singles
Kenneth Larsen

This is an on-court practical session discussing tactics and physical skills in men's singles

Coaching Clinic
Pi Hongyan and Xu Huaiwen

Two world-class badminton players, discuss a variety of practical badminton techniques and skills

Developing Player's Self Esteem Through Recognition
Kenneth Larsen

In this presentation, he discusses the development of a player's self-esteem by providing them with an additional identity in the team

BWF World Coaches Conference

Women's Singles in the Modern Day
Xu Huaiwen and Pi Hongyan

A great practical coaching example of the modern-day women's singles badminton

BWF World Coaches Conference
Speed and Accuracy in the Badminton Jump Smash
Dr Mark King

This is a presentation that discusses the mechanics of the jump smash

BWF World Coaches Conference
Shoulder Injury Prevention Programme for Athletes
Stewart Kerr

A chartered physiotherapist, presents some practical exercises for preventing shoulder injury

BWF World Coaches Conference

Coaching Character for Winning Performance
John Neal

A discussion about the importance of coaching the character of athletes

BWF World Coaches Conference

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