Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Badminton stringing with Paul Stewart and Tim Willis

Paul Stewart and Tim Willis (Team Yonex) discuss everything you will ever need to know about Badminton stringing
Tim has so much information you may have to listen twice 🙂


They discuss all these topics and more, much more : click the image to watch the live Q&A with Tim and Paul
  • what strings and tension professional players use
  • pre-stringing
  • looking after your rackets
  • gromets
  • insider tips for stringers
  • the cost of stringing
  • air badminton and strings
  • what the base of a shuttle is made of (it always isn’t cork!)


Want more?
If you are interested in finding out more about badminton stringing and all the background information take a look at these links
BadmintonandyYour Questions answered

Strings ‘N’ Things is an established company providing racket stringing and other services to its customers in the UK.  There is a huge amount of information here : When does my racquet need stringing?,What strings should I ask for?
What type of string should I use?  What are all the strings?

BadmintonandyBadminton String advise by Yonex Stringer: Mark Lawrence

Mark has 35 years experience of stringing rackets. He is a Certified Stringer for the European Racquet Stringers Association, and is contracted as a supervisor to the Yonex International Stringing Team (badminton).

BadmintonandyThe Yonex Stringing Team – The Choice of Legends

Lin Dan, Peter Gade, and Taufik Hidayat pay a visit to the Yonex Stringing Team, which has provided them with tireless support throughout their illustrious careers. They meet with Mark Lawrence, supervisor of the Stringing Team. Boasting years of experience at several international tournaments.

Stringing Team Master Class

Watch Mark Lawrence give a stringing Master Class at the 2015 Yonex All England