Thursday, June 20, 2024
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How to think of new ideas and inspire yourself with options – Kirk Vallis

This post is extracted and links to a podcast
After listening to it I was inspired to share the ideas presented by Kirk
Many of the discussions and tips offered could help you as a coach or coach developer
Kirk Vallis
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Kirk Vallis, Head of Creative Capability at Google shares with us his principles for creative problem-solving

In this discussion, Kirk shares five scenarios that people who support coaches might encounter and explores a range of ways for creating “one more option”.

They run through a series of scenarios that face coach developers and mentors working at different levels.




Kirk challenges you and asks these questions that might help you frame your thinking:

  • Where are you when you do your best thinking and what are you doing?
  • Do you create space in your organisation for people to be themselves?
  • How can you design moments into your practice or workshop, rather than just designing content?
  • Where does risk live in your organisation and how do you embrace failure and mistakes?
  • Do you have a space where you can try out ideas, where they are safe to fail?
  • Do you have an opportunity to test the premise of new ideas?
  • What mode of thinking do you find yourself in when someone comes to you with an idea?
  • Are you able to offer time and care to new ideas?
  • Do you create an environment to be playful and ask, “what if”?
  • Are you able to frame your meetings and interactions with people, signalling what you want from others?
  • Do you have an opportunity in your organisation to completely reinvent the way you do things, or is incremental innovation important?
  • How do you challenge your thinking for new ideas?
  • Who in your network might be able to support you to see an idea or approach from a different perspective?
  • What do the problems you face look like if they were exaggerated? Would this help you think differently about how you approach the problem?


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