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Have you ever wondered what advice a WR player or professional coach could give you?
Now is your opportunity to ask a question and read what they have to say
Their words will help you improve your Badminton & will provide an insight into their sporting life
  • The contributors are a mix of World Class players, Olympians, professional coaches and badminton thinkers.
  • All have something to say and have agreed to share their knowledge and advice with you
  • If you would like to join the group please email me contact@badmintonandy.com



I hope you like the questions I'm asking them.  I'm trying to avoid the classic "How many rackets do you have in your bag", but I guess I will ask that at sometime 🙂

If you have a question of your own then please do email me at contact@badmintonandy.com



In the future, I hope that some of these people will agree to a longer Q&A and even agree to be interviewed on a Podcast.  I'll also link to there own websites, Instagram and YouTube accounts, plus any Podcasts they've been interview on.

I hope you enjoy their replies and that they make a difference to you and your Badminton

Question coming soon
  • How do you cope with expectations?
  • How often do you achieve your maximum on court?
  • Where do you find information or advice for your sporting life and how many sources do you have?
  • What are the top 3 things you can't do without in your career?
  • How do you identify and deal with weakness?
  • What in-game strategies do you use on a regular basis or advise others to try
  • How do you increase your Badminton related knowledge?
  • What’s the one skill not technical you would like to improve
  • I often used to feel ....xx....., until I realised ...yy....
  • Why didn't anyone tell me that .... (things you wish someone had said 🙂  )
  • What questions players should be asking of themselves or of coaches?
  • At what stage in your development did you suddenly improve, why was that?
  • How do you hide your weaknesses?
  • Why do you need practice partners?
  • How do you think you can get the most out of your coach?
  • If you went back what could you have done better? eg you never paid attention to your diet and that would have transformed recovery.
  • What advice did you receive from a coach really stuck in your head?
  • Do you think your coaches made a difference to you and how?
  • In that situation, I would
    • playing someone who I've never beaten
    • when I was going on a 2-week training camp I would ....
    • when I found out that we had a new National coach I thought ...
    • when I was losing the 1st game by 9-17 I would decide to ..
    • when I played in a hall with a 300mm drift I started to ...

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