These are some of my favourite podcast series on a variety of stimulating subjects for coaches, parents, players and coach educators
Remember you don't have to agree with all they say, but you do need to consider their viewpoints 🙂


Badminton andyThe Sports Pysch Show - Podcasts


The Sport Psych Show
Dan Abrahams

Dan Abrahams, Sport Psychologist is the voice behind The Sport Psych Show.  He is great at demystifying sport psychology for players, coaches and parents by speaking with some of the most influential people in sports performance today.

Dan is on a mission to learn more about how sport psychology philosophies, tools and techniques.  He wants to learn more about and explore

  • how players can progress quicker and more effectively
  • what is great practice and training?
  • how does learning in sport really happen?

Finally, he wants to hear what his guests have to say about the psychology of performance – how do they think players can improve their ability to high perform consistently under pressure?

Discover simple and practical tools and techniques by listening in to Dan’s conversations with elite competitors, sports coaches, sport scientists, and psychologists.

You can find more on Titter here and here

#1 Dr Ed Coughlan - The Importance of the Questioning Path  Apple Podcast  or  Windows

#61 Ian Peek - The Holistic Coach  Apple Podcast  or  Windows

#56 Blaine McKenna - Practical Tips to Help Coaches Teach Players Life Skills  Apple Podcast  or  Windows 

#58 Richmond Stace - Pain: How our Perceptions Inform our Reality  Apple Podcast  or  Windows


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2017 11 30 - Podcasts

The Talent Equation

Stuart Armstrong is the Head of Coaching for Sport England. He is one of the world’s top experts on player development pathways and skill acquisition.

He is the driving force behind 'The Talent Equation', as series of blogs and podcasts designed to stimulate and challenge the art of coach education and game skill development.

If you are interested in 'whole player development' and would like your players to take charge of themselves and their practice then these podcasts and interview are for you.  You can find more on Titter here.

Recommended Podcasts from the Talent Equation

'The 7 deadly sins of talent development'



Badminton podcast

Rob pic 2014 - Podcasts

The Perception & Action Podcast

Rob Grey began The Perception & Action Podcast began in May 2015. It explores how psychological research can be applied to improving performance, accelerating skill acquisition and designing new technologies in sports. It covers disciplines including sports science, psychology, human systems engineering, sport analytics,neuroscience and cognitive science. The podcast reviews basic concepts and discusses the latest research in these areas.

Sometimes it not an easy listen as there is so much information and often with a many Sports Science terms. However its well worth a listen. There are many 'Light Bulb' moments that I often listen with a pen and parer to hand.  You can find him here on Twitter

Recommended Podcasts from Perception & Action



Connected Coaches

Connected Coaches is a friendly online community for coaches from any sport or activity. Its free to become a member.  There is advice, blogs, forums, videos.

Connected Coaches was born out of a belief that an online community will help sports coaches feel supported.

When coaches feel supported, we believe they challenge themselves to be better coaches and find better ways of doing things

Sports Coach Radio

SportsCoach radio

Glenn Whitney is the host and driving force behind SportsCoach radio.  These podcasts will help sports coaches become better leaders and business leaders become better coaches.

His approach in sports is grounded in the conviction that coaches should maintain the primary relationship with their athletes, especially when it comes to building mental toughness, mood management and recovering from setbacks. The work coaches do can often be supported by a psychologist like Glenn but the psychologist should play a secondary, mentoring type of role.



Below are some of my favourite thought provoking Podcasts.  Click on the images and take a look at the summary for these podcasts plus some more useful information.
Happy listening and learning


Daniel Coyle

Talent Code & Deep Practice plus much more

Daniel Coyle 1

Tim Noakes

Redefining the Limits of Human Performance

tim noakes 1

Carole Dweck

Coaching: Praise, Criticism & Shifting Mindsets

Carol Dweck 1

Vern Gambetta

Resilience, Over-Training and much more

Vern Gambetta 1

Rob Bell

Mental toughness & the Psychology of Pivotal Moment

Rob Bell 1

Stuart Armstrong

The 7 deadly sins of talent development 

2017-11-30 (1)

Mike Davenport

 The reasons why  "Good Coaches Fail" and what to look for

Mike Davenport 1

The Talent Equation

"The War on Drills" by Stuart Armstrong

Soccer football players during the team training before the match. Exercises for football soccer youth team. Young player exercises with ball and marker cones

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