Thursday, June 20, 2024

The 7 deadly sins of talent development


Episode 1 – Competition

This episode is all about competition and how it can be both corrosive and toxic to the process of talent development.


Episode 2 – Comparison

This episode considers  the dangers of making comparisons between youngsters who may have a vast array of different variables in their developmental history


Episode 3 – Correction

This episode centres on the desire to correct mistakes which robs the young person of the learning opportunity that is created by the error and also creates a motivational climate that encourages


Episode 4 – Comfort

This episode explores the concept of ‘comfort’ and argue that young people being too comfortable in high quality facilities can actually work against the development of talent. As parents, coaches or talent developers we often want to make things better for the youngsters in our care and the instinct is to make things easier for them.


Episode 5 – Chats

In this episode, Stuart explains how the reluctance to have honest conversations with young athletes is a major blockage to their development. He suggests that sometimes we are fearful that we will affect their confidence and damage their self-esteem so we can offer false praise in an effort to avoid damaging them. However, while this might feel like it is the right thing…


Episode 6 -Coddling



Episode 7 – Coaching