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These are some of my favourite podcast series on a variety of stimulating subjects for coaches, parents, players & coach educators
You don't have to agree with all they say, but you do need to consider their viewpoints 🙂
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Badminton andy


The Sport Psych Show
Dan Abrahams

Dan Abrahams, Sport Psychologist is the voice behind The Sport Psych Show.  He is great at demystifying sport psychology for players, coaches and parents by speaking with some of the most influential people in sports performance today.

Dan is on a mission to learn more about how sport psychology philosophies, tools and techniques.  He wants to learn more about and explore

  • how players can progress quicker and more effectively
  • what is great practice and training?
  • how does learning in sport really happen?

Finally, he wants to hear what his guests have to say about the psychology of performance – how do they think players can improve their ability to high perform consistently under pressure?

Discover simple and practical tools and techniques by listening in to Dan’s conversations with elite competitors, sports coaches, sport scientists, and psychologists.

You can find more on Titter here and here

#1 Dr Ed Coughlan - The Importance of the Questioning Path  Apple Podcast  or  Windows

#95 Dr Andrew Abraham - Coach Development

#61 Ian Peek - The Holistic Coach  Apple Podcast  or  Windows

#56 Blaine McKenna - Practical Tips to Help Coaches Teach Players Life Skills  Apple Podcast  or  Windows 

#58 Richmond Stace - Pain: How our Perceptions Inform our Reality  Apple Podcast  or  Windows

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More of my favourites
Coach Developer Conversations: Bob Muir – Navigating The Terrain of Coach Learning

Dr Bob Muir shares how his work as a coach developer has evolved as his research in this area has progressed. The discussion covers supporting coaches, making meaning, learning through coaches’ experiences and observing coaches in their environments; amongst a wealth of other themes.

A Year On Tour With Vittinghus - Fernando Rivas

BadmintonandyIf you have any interest in what it takes to produce world-class in badminton (or any individual sport for that matter) - this is the episode for you! Fernando Rivas, who is the coach behind the success of Carolina Marin, shares a wealth of knowledge on his coaching philosophy, how he and his team works with Marin and what is needed to create an environment where world-class can thrive.  His story is quite unique and after listening to this episode you won't have any doubt why he's regarded as one of the best coaches around.

The Sports Pysch Show - Dr Andrew Abraham : Coach Development

If you want a quick listen to a podcast directly related to the "how" when Coaching and the different methods, then click here to listen to Dr Andrew Abraham interview by Dan Abrahams from the Sport Pysch Show.   Start at 39:30 mins if you want to jump straight to the information on How to Coach

The Sports Pysch Show - Dr Sergio Lara-Bercial - Serial Winning Coaches

Dr Sergio Lara-BerciaA great interview with Dr Sergio Lara-Bercial from Leeds Beckett University.  He discusses his study into the practices and developmental pathways of professional and Olympic serial winning coaches. After interviewing 14 serial winning coaches and 21 of their athletes from 9 countries and 11 sports the work has produced some interesting finding. In the podcast they focus on, specifically “driven benevolence”; work/life balance and avoiding burnout; perfectionism; 20/20 vision; and emotional stability.

The Sports Pysch Show - Doug Lemov: The Coach’s Guide to Teaching

doug lemovDoug Lemov is a teacher, teaching mentor and bestselling author.  Doug studies high performing teachers and what it is they do that makes them so effective in the classroom. In his new book “The Coach’s Guide to Teaching” Doug brings his considerable knowledge about the science of classroom teaching to the sports coaching world to create championship calibre coaches on the court and field. What great classroom teachers do is relevant to coaches in profound ways.  After all, coaches are at their core teachers.

The High Performance Podcast : Sir CIive Woodward: How to conquer the world with non-negotiables
Listen & watch on YouTube
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Sir Clive Woodward is the head coach who led England’s rugby players to World Cup glory in Australia in 2003.  During Clive’s tenure as Head Coach England moved from 6th in the world to being the number one ranked team, winning every trophy an England team can win. In 2006 Clive Woodward as Team GB’s Director of Sport he worked in close partnership with key stakeholders in British Sport to support the national coaches and athletes at the Beijing & Vancouver Olympics as well as deliver Team GB’s most successful Olympic Games in the modern era at London 2012. Clive is currently the Founder and Chairman of Hive Learning – an app which has digitised Clive’s coaching methods and is designed to improve the quality of learning in business and sport.

A Year On Tour With Vittinghus - Anders Antonsen

Special Guest Episode - Anders AntonsenAnders Antonsen gives a very honest and unique look into his mindset, which will leave you with no doubt why he is currently one of the very best badminton players on the planet! When asked about his self confidence, Anders counters with a smirky "Why wouldn't I be confident? I've always been very good at badminton!" - which already tells you a lot about an athlete with a mind perfectly set up for world class performance. We also discuss the importance of having a training set up like he does at the Danish National training centre and how the constant sparring and pressure has animated him to do better.

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Badminton podcast


The Perception & Action Podcast

Rob Grey began The Perception & Action Podcast began in May 2015.  It explores how psychological research can be applied to improving performance, accelerating skill acquisition, and designing new technologies in sports. It covers disciplines including sports science, psychology, human systems engineering, sport analytics, neuroscience and cognitive science.

The podcast reviews basic concepts and discusses the latest research in these areas. Sometimes it not an easy listen as there is so much information and often with a many Sports Science terms. However it's well worth a listen.

There are many 'Light Bulb' moments that I often listen with a pen and paper to hand.  You can find him here on Twitter Recommended Podcasts from Perception & Action

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The Talent Equation

Stuart Armstrong is the Head of Coaching for Sport England. He has strong views on player development pathways and skill acquisition.

He is the driving force behind 'The Talent Equation', as series of blogs and podcasts designed to stimulate and challenge the art of coach education and game skill development.

If you are interested in 'whole player development' and would like your players to take charge of themselves and their practice then these podcasts and interview are for you.  You can find more on Titter here.

Recommended Podcasts from the Talent Equation

'The 7 deadly sins of talent development'

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Connected Coaches

Connected Coaches is a friendly online community for coaches from any sport or activity. Its free to become a member.  There is advice, blogs, forums, videos. Connected Coaches was born out of a belief that an online community will help sports coaches feel supported. When coaches feel supported, we believe they challenge themselves to be better coaches and find better ways of doing things

Happy listening and learning