Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Perception & Action Podcast


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111 – When Should a Coach Abandon a Practice Activity and Try Something Else?

As a coach, what should you do when your athletes do not seem to be responding to a new practice activity? Are there things you can change? What should you look for? When should you abandon it altogether and move on to something else?




109 – Habit vs Skill : Which should we attempt to develop in performers?

Is it better for an athlete to develop pre-formed, reflexive responses that operate outside of consciousness (in other words, habits)? Or should we be focusing on cultivating adaptive skills that involve reflection and awareness?





105 – How difficult should practice be?

What is the optimal level of task difficulty to use in practice? How does it depend on the complexity of the skill and the experience of the learner? A look at the Challenge Point Hypothesis and studies which have tested its predictions.





98 – Interview with Movement & Skill Acquisition Ireland : Constraints Based Coaching

A discussion with Ed Coughlan, Phil Kearny and Olly Logan, founders of Movement & Skill Acquisition Ireland. In the interview we discuss the goals of the organization and their upcoming conference: Constraints based coaching and ecological dynamics to enhance sports performance.




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