Thursday, June 20, 2024
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2. Motivation is the most important factor in learning

It’s obvious and it’s true!

Your challenge is to create an environment, a task or a desire that utilises the power of motivation.  The link between motivation and learning is vital.

This applies to players, coaches and parents.

Once I understood that motivation is the most important factor in learning, it changed how I coached!

I was encouraged to look further than success as the only form of motivation

BadmintonandyIt took me a while to understand how many different ways there are to create an environment and growth mindset.

Working with players, coaches or parents who are motivated to learn and find out more is a fantastic situation to be in.

Become great at understanding how many different forms there are and what triggers, plus suggestions you can use.

My personal motivation is often at its highest when there is an opportunity for me to learn something new or the person I’m with demonstrates intrinsic (internal) motivation.

It’s great working with players who feel able to demand or challenge their coach by seeking to maximise the practice.  Coaches, work hard to create players who are confident in working jointly with you.

I recommend that you focus on motivating all the parties in the session (including yourself)
Do this as your no.1 aim above all else
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