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The 3 Sinister Truths Of Coaching : And What You Can Do About Them


The 3 Sinister Truths Of Coaching Sports Today: And What You Can Do About Them (Hack Your Coaching Book 1) by [Davenport, Mike]

LEARN: How To Navigate The Coaching Truths They Don’t Tell You
by Mike Davenport

Struggling with your coaching? Wondering what “the heck is going on?” No worries, most sport coaches have been in the same position, and those stressful feelings will fade away once you know the secrets you aren’t being told.

We go into sports coaching to make a difference, to win the big one, possibly to give back, or because coaching looks fun. But coaches don’t realise the deck is stacked against them. That coaching, because of truths coaches have never been told, can be terribly difficult, and can take a heavy toll from the athletes, the program, and the coach. Knowing the truths, specific 3 sinister truths, will make all the difference.


In your coaching, are you tired of:

– being taken for granted?

– feeling under-supported?

– struggling to develop your skills?


Once you know the 3 sinister truths you can take smart actions to negate those feelings and improve your situation.


In the book The 3 Sinister Truths of Coaching Sports Today: And What You Can Do About Them, you’ll learn how to build a support network that will be there for you when times are tough, answering your questions and giving you guidance; you’ll discover how to appreciate your position and those around you, and in turn be more appreciated for the job you do; and you’ll understand how to create your own system of professional development, so you won’t be left behind because you’ll know the core knowledge and how to get the latest and greatest information about your sport.


 You will discover:

• How the 3 Sinister Truths can sabotage your coaching

• The tricks to finding more smiles and less ulcers

• 6 actions to help you prepare for coaching

• 5 steps to get the support you deserve

• The cardinal rules of appreciation

• How to get more bang from the time/effort/energy you put into your coaching

• Where rituals can help your coaching

• How to develop a game plan to improve yourself

• And much more!


It’s time to get more from your coaching, and discover the real truths!


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