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Acquiring Skill in Sport


by Bob Sharp 

Great book for coaches and students …
one of my favourites and a constant reference document

This book gives an insight into many areas of learning and coaching. I must have read it at least 4 times and each read brings something new. The practical advice is excellent for coaches / parents and sports practitioners. Each chapter ends with a summary of crucial points then offers discussion questions to provoke more thoughts. The most comprehensive book I’ve found that’s also an easy understandable read.

I even buy it as a gift for fellow coaches.



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Good resource for all sports enthusiasts

By A Customer on 26 Oct. 2001

Acquiring skill in sport is an easy to read resource for all sports enthusiasts. It contains all the information needed on acquiring skill in sport and has up to date theories and research and contains all references to allow further, specific research by the reader.

Recommended for sports studies or Physical education students from AS level and upwards and as good research or additional source and would be useful to teachers or lecturers of these subjects, as well as coaches as it provides an excellent, in depth understanding of the learning of skills by performers.


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